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6 things people don’t know about me

Ok, as usual, this is late. I got this tag sitting in my message box ages ago from my dear Fairy Blogmother Vienna Lopez [who taught me everything about blogging and some troubleshooting] and it’s only now that I got the chance to do this. I owe her a lot so I got to do this. Well, I had to admit I do the tags only when I have nothing to write about and when I needed an interim every now and then for the sake of blogging and some online work on the side. But this tag is special because it was passed by Vienna… my friend who knows a lot about me though we have not met in person yet… and who I consider as my virtual sister here in blogosphere.

So here we go… here are my revelations… the 6 things that you don’t know about me… yet... and that I am still in denial [sort of].

1. I am a beauty queen. In my own right… that is. I always believe that I am beautiful and I got my overconfidence from my mom who always thought that I was the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Though I am not a beauty queen material… standing only 4 feet and 11 inches… I always stand tall and proud of my roots and upbringing. Though I don’t have the standard and ideal vital statistics of a model… my 36-38-36 frame drives my Hubby crazy. LOL. And though I can’t walk the runway as perfectly as the beauty contest candidates… I have the ability to accept and be accepted by people from all walks of life.

2. I am a hopeless romantic. I used to dream that I will someday find my Knight in shining armor or my Prince Charming and sweep me off my feet. I waited for 42 years for that dream to come true. I didn’t meet my Knight in shining armor or the Prince Charming, but I did kiss the frog that turned into a King… King of my Heart.

3. I am a brat. I was my Dad’s little princess. My Mom’s little angel. My Grandpa’s apple of the eye. My grandma’s sugar and spice and everything nice. My uncles’ favorite niece. My aunts’ little darling. And my two brothers’ favorite sister [because I’m the only daughter and the only sister they got LOL]. I always get things my way. And I always get away with things. Now that I am a grown up… I still get the things my way… even if it is the hard way.

4. I am the reigning Ms. Congeniality for life. I am friendly… user-friendly and friendly user… take your pick. I am easy to get along with. I have lots of friends from the real world and otherwise. But I have a few “real” friends that are for keeps. I have few virtual friends whom I met online with whom I can confide and trust some of my deepest secrets with… secrets that my “real” friends don’t know.

5. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology. But I don’t practice it professionally. And whatever I’ve learned from that degree, only my Hubby and my Stepson are the ones benefitting from it. I need to psyche them up every now and then. It's my way of keeping my sanity in tact.

6. I am a traveler and an obsessed unprofessional photographer. I love traveling and taking pictures of all the places I’ve been. I love to see different places and I love to see myself on photos with those places in the background. Now that I gained few more pounds, I shun away from having my picture taken and just enjoy being the photographer instead of being the subject. And I am planning to see the world when I retire and take more photos for my growing collection.

So those are the six things about me that the whole world now know. Now, allow me to pass this tag to these unlucky bloggers... [drumroll please!]

1. Rechie of My HideAway… of course, my ever loyal amiga/blogger/tagger who never forgets me every time she receives tag. It’s payback time Mi Amiga. I just hope you have not done this yet.
2. Jade of Life of a Filipina Blogger… a virtual friend who is one of the first people I met online.
3. Myles of Intimate Conversation… a passionate blogger who lives for writing and now blogging and a passionate learner.
4. Beth of All About Elizabeth… who I want to know more because I know that she is a very interesting person.
5. Japol of Queueless… my brother so that he will not have any more excuses not to blog.
6. And Shiela of Ang Best of Me… my cousin for the same reason that I have for my brother Japol.

And of course, here are the rules of the meme and I just copied these from Vienna who copied it from Kate’s (Vienna and Kate, hope you don’t mind).




Elizabeth said…
thanks for the tag! will do it this wkend. i always visit you...i just forget to drop a line! :)
Rechie said…
Hello Amiga, psenxa ngaun lang ako nkavisit..panu busy sa schooling..hehehe Ill will do this now...thanks talaga...Mrami ka na ngang utang sa aking..hehehhe Joke lang....!!! Mwaahhhh thanks talaga...i love this tag..i guess its time to unleash some secrets about my personality na...heheheh
Rechie said…
Ang gara na picture mu Amiga..C darna..ang ganda ng pagkakagawa....thumbs up for u
Rechie said…
Elow Amiga, eto na ung post ko, hehehe check it out..don't LOL at me ha, i am just unleashing the truth in my eto ung link ng post ko pala
MommaWannabe said…
Hi sis, I love this picture. Gusto ko rin nyan;)

I will do this when I get back next week, we will
take a breakfirst - sobra dami stress lately.

Nice to hear from you, di ka ba nilalamig jan?;) Have a good weekend!
You have some interesting answers here. It was fun learning more about you.

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