Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The First Time Ever…

I got this tag from my ever faithful and loyal “tagger” Rechie and it’s only now that I found the time to do this one. Trust me there are lots of tags that I could post here and I want to do them all, I just can’t find the time. Now that I am running out of interim I am doing one now.

This tag is about your "beloved". How you met each other. And what you want the world to know about him. And I am passing the tag to my friends whose love stories are worth knowing too... Vienna of ViennaLopez.com; Francine of La Place de Cherie… Nice of The Will of the Wind; Carlota of Dashing Smile; Karen of Karen & Gerard Zemek; Jade of Life of a Pinay Blogger; and Juliana of Pinay WAHM.

Here are the simple rules:
1. Pick your sweetest picture together when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers.
2. Then post another picture of you together as a sweet couple after the questions. [or if you want post whatever photo you want to share with us, like in my case.]
3. Share or tag your friends whose love story is worth telling.
4. Enjoy doing it.
5. Let your hubby read it too.

Can you remember the day you first met your hubby? Yes, who could ever forget the first time?

When was that? I met him January 21st of 2006… online. I was chatting with some friends and he popped up out of nowhere and introduced himself. He said he was lonely because his fiancé just died of cancer. He needed a friend that time… and I was the only one who entertained him and gave him a crying shoulder.

First impression? I thought he was nice. He was very honest right from the very start. I never thought that he was a prospective husband because I had a French bf that time too.

Were you friends before he became your boyfriend? Yes, we became good friends. I helped him with his problems. He came to me for good advise.

What was the sweetest thing he did for you? He did the “panunuyo” Filipino style. He did some Filipino courtship custom [sort of] like… fetching bucket of water for my bath… installed clothesline for my laundry to hang… painted my windows… fixed my door lock; my brother's door; and my sink.

What are the things about him that you are thankful for? I am thankful that I finally met him. I have been waiting for him all my life. And I am grateful that I know how much he loves me.


Anonymous said...

Ohh that's so sweet the panunuyo thing. And so nice naman na you have pictures also of him fetching water - kakatuwa.

I'll grab this and will post it when I have time sis:)

Thanks ha and pass by sometime at my blog, I just finished renovating it - well maybe plaitan ko pa header;)

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ruthi....

Salamat sa tag. I already did this one in December [http://pinaywahm.com/2008/12/hubby-lists.html]...but thanks for thinking of me....

Musta na?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of us for this one, but I already did it before. For some reason when I searched with the search box though, it didn't come up. Hmm? Anyhow, you can see my answers here:

nice said...

hello mare ko,
I was touched by your thought of giving me this tag.Pero wala akong pics together ni hubby sa computer.Hindi pa kasi naka scan.I really need to do it though.Kaya,pass muna ako sa tag ha.Thank you talaga.hoy,ano ng balita?Tawag ka sa akin naman oh.balita ko busy kana kasi,,,miss you na talaga.mwahh.