Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not surprisingly Maine

Since I came here in Maine, there are lots of things that really surprised me. It’s more than culture shock. It’s more than cultural disorientation. It’s more than cultural perplexity. It’s so much more that I begin to realize how mysterious life can really be.

Okay, so much with the drama. After a year of getting used to a lot of things here and there, I am no longer surprised when I see creatures and critters alike pop up from nowhere. I am no longer stunned when I see the sun still bright at 8 pm. I am no longer astounded when the weather changes every 5 minutes. It’s just Maine.

And here are some of the amazing things I really need to get used to here in Maine.

Eating the best lobsters in the world.

Strawberry picking in Summer.

Apple picking...

... and pumpkin in Fall.

Colorful maple trees and wood covered bridges.

L.L. Bean

Amazing sky after an afternoon downpour

A buck in our backyard in Winter.
A swallow having lunch.
Glistening icycles by the roof.
A chipmunk in a snowbank by our window.
A bonfire at the frozen lake to keep us warm.
A bouquet of flowers from my sweet Hubby.
And the budding tree that signals Spring.


Len Lambert said...

Ruthi, I must say - aside from being a good writer, you are a good photographer. Your shots are so pro. I love them...all of them! I love the way you described each of the photo - they come alive with your words!

nice said...

mare,sarap naman ng lobsters mo jan,share naman oh..nice nice pics of produce...i vote kita for new layouts from carlota ha..miss ya.hindi na kasi kita nag usap masyado..keep in touch