Saturday, January 5, 2013

Californication Day 5 (Part 2): We got observed

The 3 most beautiful roses of the Pasadena Parade of the Roses decided to move on and ended up at the Griffith Observatory.
With Carmen and Joey at the grounds of Griffith Observatory.

One of the most famous landmark in Los Angeles, California... my visit in LA will not be complete without taking a look.
Admiring the Griffith Observatory up close and personal
And taking a look didn't mean just that. It took more than just looking and observing and posing. The observatory is huge. It sits on top of a hill over-looking downtown LA. The view from above is spectacular. And from this vantage point I was trying to locate my cousin's apartment. I failed. LOL
Looking down at Downtown Los Angeles from the Observatory.

The Observatory is quite intriguing to me since the first night of my visit to LA. It was the first thing I saw through my cousin's bedroom window when I opened my eyes in the morning and the last thing I saw when I closed my eyes at night... and the only thing that I used to predict what kind of day it would be... it was but natural for me to get my curiosity checked.
With Joey in front of the Observatory after exploring the facility.

So Carmen drove us back up to LA and on to Griffith Observatory as soon as we got our way out of Pasadena. We explored one of LA's iconic architectural wonder and one of the Southern California's most visited and popular attractions.We went inside the building but didn't get the chance to take photos. I really don't remember if taking photos is not allowed or if we were just overwhelmed by the great architecture and everything inside it.
With Joey at the spiral staircase around the side of the building.

We went up some stairs and saw some cool stuff that I really don't know what they are for. Well, they are for astronomical reason of course, LOL we just didn't spend more time reading signs because there were hundreds of people inside.
Posing with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Griffith Observatory sits on the southern slope of Mt. Hollywood and from the park's ground, you can see the Hollywood sign from the distance. We didn't waste more time in the observatory because we still have 2 more places to go to in our itinerary for the day.
We headed back to our car as soon as we got out of the building and headed straight to our next destination - Rodeo Drive, Baby!

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