Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Californication Day 5 (Part 1): The 3 most beautiful Roses at Pasadena

I dreamed about the Rose Parade for as long as I can remember! I have watched it on TV every year when I was still in the Philippines. When I migrated here in the US, I promised myself that one day I will go see it in person. And in 2010 while I was watching the Pasadena Parade of the Rose on TV [just like every New Year's Day in the past] I told my Sweetest... "next year, I will watch that... for real!" And I did!
Yes, this is a long overdue post about that special event. Don't judge me! LOL. I was caught up with something... or I was plain lazy to follow through with this Californication Posts Series that I planned to do a couple of years back.
So after my TSS Mini Reunion in SD and New Year's Eve in LA where I had a traditional [sort of] Filipino Medya Noche with Carmen and Joey, the Pasadena Parade of the Roses finally took shape as we planned how to get there early without losing our senses.
Carmen, Joey and I left the house a little past five in the morning. The two straight nights of lack of sleep made me feel light-headed. We were early, I thought. When we reached the street where the parade will pass by, it was already lined with people... in sleeping bags, folding chairs, mattresses and whatnots. We were already late, I supposed because those people evidently were there a day ahead.
The crowd. There was no way I can see the parade from where I was standing.

Finally, after almost a couple of hours of waiting, the Parade of the Roses came alive before my very eyes. I was happy though I can't get a clear view of the parade because of those people who made their sacrifices just to be in front of the line.
Carmen and Joey sipping hot cocoa.

So we just amused ourselves with the crazy crowd over hot cocoa since the weather was kinda chilly too and enjoyed some photo shoots here and there.
Me and Joey not minding the passing float.

That year's Honorary person was Paula Dean. Though I am not really a big fan, it was nice to see her waving at the spectators.
Paula Dean
A total of 47 floats joined the parade but we were not able to see them all or I probably lost count.
There were 22 bands participants...
and 22 equestrian entries for that year's event.
Building Dreams, Friendships, and Memories was that year's parade's Theme.
Me and Carmen

The parade experience was just I expected. It was a nice sunny day with blue cloudless sky but a bit chilly. It was a wonderful experience and something to remember. And it was such a wonderful experience to share with two of the most beautiful roses - Carmen and Joey.
The 3 most beautiful Roses - Joey, Carmen and Me

We didn't finish the parade and we didn't even plan to go where all the floats will be parked to see them closer and for more photo shoots. We had a few more things in line for the day that we need to accomplish. This was only my 5th day in California so I need to accomplish as much as we could before - we get observed!

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