Saturday, January 12, 2013

Californication Day 5 (Part 3): Rodeo Drive, Baby!

Oh yes, after we got observed or rather we observed the great Griffith Observatory... we drove to one of the famous destinations in California for celebrities like me [wink] - Beverly Hills. LOL
Me at @ Rodeo Drive

It's a tradition. Since when? I don't know. I just made it up, okay. Or maybe I was in my Pretty Woman mode at that time. Well, I remember something - when in Beverly Hills... Rodeo Drive, Baby! Yeah, it's a line in the movie. Or it was just one of my many alibis when I want to go shopping. LOL.
@ Via Rodeo stairs near Tiffany Store

But one thing is sure though. I got a driving force to see the hotel where Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Julia Roberts) fell in love. Why? Pretty Woman is my favorite movie of all time. It's not that I can relate to it... but who doesn't like modern day fairytale stories? So yes, I saw it and it felt pretty indeed.
Me in front of The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel

And since I was in my Pretty Woman moment I strutted and walked up and down Rodeo Drive admiring the holy shrines of high end consumerism. I walked by the same place where Vivian walked and walked pretty-womanly. hahaha on my way to the sacred shops of Tiffany's and Louis Vuitton. LOL
Me, waiting for the green light as we headed to check out other stores

It was such a wonderful experience to be in a place where everything is beautiful and insanely expensive even just for a brief moment.
The stairs going to Via Rodeo where the grand tree was standing.

Oh well, even just for a brief moment I was in wonderland but reality sank in when I realized I cannot afford any of the merchandise they had in the store. And I woke right up when I noticed that nothing was on "sale or clearance". Whew, what a bad dream.
Carmen, Joey and I - taking a little break from window shopping

Honestly, I didn't buy anything at Rodeo Drive. Why, would I? The "Edward" of my life was left in Maine so "Vivian" had to settle on admiring those pricey purses at LV and beautiful jewelries at Tiffany's. After spending a few more minutes checking out the latest in fashion at different high end stores we hopped in the car and set forth to Sta. Monica to conclude my Californication Day Five.

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kulasa said...

hi there pretty woman! :) gee you look so pretty! hahahahaha as always you gave me my daily dose of laughter :D love and miss yah!

betchai said...

finally, I get to see more of your Californication :) though delayed but never too late :) love your get-up Ruthi, so chic and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

original!!! Thank you for posting this beautiful picture.My Own Erotica