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This is my fourth fall

For some reason I woke up quite early the other morning. And as usual I turned on my computer first before I made my first trip to the bathroom. After the computer, I turned on the TV next to check on the weather. That’s how I started my day normally.

We are going to have a nice day today… that is according to the meteorologist. I trust him. Hubby trusts him too but he is jealous of him because he knows that I find him cute and I have a crush on him. Hahahaha. After giving the weather forecast he said… it’s the start of the Autumnal equinox. I don’t know about the equinox but I know that autumn means that summer finally ends and winter is just around the corner.

This is my fourth autumn or fall here in Maine so I know what to expect now. I know that the nights will be longer now. I know that 8 pm is already dark. I know that we will have cooler temperatures. I know that the maple leaves will start to change its color and will soon fall from the trees. I know that I will be raking a lot …

Watching Sunset with Hubby

As I already mentioned in my previous post... I work on weekends now too. Given the situation, Hubby and I spend less time together. Oh, how I miss him so much. But today, for some reason we got the chance to be together and spent even just a few hours watching the sunset.

Dearest Sweetest,It's been a long time since I last wrote you a letter. Well, there is nothing very important that I really want to tell you right now. It's just that I miss you so much.I miss our weekends at the mountain. Even if I whined a lot... I had to admit I miss camping and gold panning with you.I miss our movie nights on weekends. It's been a long time since we last watched a movie. I think the last movie we watched was "The Princess and the Frog". hahaha It is now on DVD and Blu-ray. And most importantly, I miss our Chinese dining out too. Though we still eat Chinese on Friday nights, I miss trying out different Chinese Restaurants every weekends.Well, I cannot complain now. We need to…

Oh, Work!

I work on weekends now. I am not complaining or whining. I am just stating a fact. The fact that I still have to be up at daybreak and no time to stay in bed late. But it is okay. I enjoy what I am doing. It was supposed to be a part-time job for the summer only where I worked as a Behavioral Health Professional. At first it was just something that I want to do for the summer since school was out and I didn't want to do summer camp. Eventually, I kinda like what I was doing so I continued working. Why not? My work description is to play with a kid and I know I am good at that. wink*

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Football Season

One of the most awaited seasons here in Maine or perhaps for the whole United States, is Football Season. Well, I have to admit I don’t know anything about football. The game is not that popular from where I came from, basketball is. And even with basketball I know nothing about it too in terms of the technicalities and rules of the games. I am not the athletic type. I am more into indoor games because I hate getting sweaty. hahahaha
I was introduced to football by my Hubby. A typical American guy, he is a true-blooded football fan. And when it is football night, he monopolizes the remote so I don’t have any choice but to watch the game too. Eventually, I began to like the game. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate the game because it is exciting. Ultimately, I soon realized that I am beginning to be a real fan too and would watch the game way past my bedtime while Hubby was already snoring the night away. And I would also include in my grocery list some snacks [which I don’t usua…

Cups and Shades

This weekend, my friend Medy, her daughter Maya and I went to New Hampshire to check out our favorite store for some unique stuff.
And we did find some cups.
Personalized cups for the Lilliputians...
and hot cups for Dads.
We also found some cool shades and had fun trying them on.

We bought a few stuff but none of the shades and the cups.
The weekend ended at Bay Haven where we had sumptuous seafood diner.

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The Shoes

I mentioned in my previous post that I went shopping during my "Me Time" to relax. Don't make me justify that statement anymore. If you are not a woman... don't even ask. LOL. Anyway, as I have said I bought a couple pairs of shoes. One of the shoes is actually for my niece and the other one is for myself. Well, I don't really need a new pair of shoes right now. But I feel that I need to justify why I bought that shoes, anyway.
So here are the reasons...
1. I found the shoes interesting and extra-ordinary. So I fit them.
2. As I was fitting them, two ladies saw me and they said... "They look so cute on you, buy them!"
3. I love heels and this pair of shoes has very unique heels.
4. And though I don't know where and when am I going to wear them or worse if I could really walk on them...
5. I bought them because of the price!
So what do you think? Where will I wear them? What dress should I match with them? Will I be able to walk with them? Did I hav…