Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football Season

One of the most awaited seasons here in Maine or perhaps for the whole United States, is Football Season. Well, I have to admit I don’t know anything about football. The game is not that popular from where I came from, basketball is. And even with basketball I know nothing about it too in terms of the technicalities and rules of the games. I am not the athletic type. I am more into indoor games because I hate getting sweaty. hahahaha

I was introduced to football by my Hubby. A typical American guy, he is a true-blooded football fan. And when it is football night, he monopolizes the remote so I don’t have any choice but to watch the game too. Eventually, I began to like the game. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate the game because it is exciting. Ultimately, I soon realized that I am beginning to be a real fan too and would watch the game way past my bedtime while Hubby was already snoring the night away. And I would also include in my grocery list some snacks [which I don’t usually do] for our football nights.

Well, it's the start of the football season and it's the start of hogging the remote. Hayys


Ginny said...

Yes, I know nothing about football, but my husband watches sometimes. He is a Redskins fan. So now you and your husband will have something in common and can make date nights out of this! Ha ha!!

Lon Anderson said...

I never used to like football that much, but now I really like it. My wife on the other hand . . . loves it!!!

George said...

My wife is the true football fan in our house. I can take it or leave it.

Icy BC said...

We are now in soccer season, which is football to other countries :-)

Self Sagacity said...

I have something to be thankful for, my SO and I don't even watch a bit of TV. Yay! Smiles.

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