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This is my fourth fall

For some reason I woke up quite early the other morning. And as usual I turned on my computer first before I made my first trip to the bathroom. After the computer, I turned on the TV next to check on the weather. That’s how I started my day normally.

We are going to have a nice day today… that is according to the meteorologist. I trust him. Hubby trusts him too but he is jealous of him because he knows that I find him cute and I have a crush on him. Hahahaha. After giving the weather forecast he said… it’s the start of the Autumnal equinox. I don’t know about the equinox but I know that autumn means that summer finally ends and winter is just around the corner.

This is my fourth autumn or fall here in Maine so I know what to expect now. I know that the nights will be longer now. I know that 8 pm is already dark. I know that we will have cooler temperatures. I know that the maple leaves will start to change its color and will soon fall from the trees. I know that I will be raking a lot now and that will replace running as my exercise. I know too that I need to cover up now and my tank tops are no longer appropriate to wear.

Fall 2007
Parsonfield, Maine

This is my fourth fall and I know exactly what to do. I have to organize my closet again to make room for our fall and winter clothes. I have to sort out my summer clothes... keep those that still fit and throw or give away those that don’t. I have to put all my summer clothes in totes and keep them in the cellar. And I have to bring up the fall/winter totes to give way for spring/summer totes. It’s all about the totes now.

Fall 2008
Porter, Maine

This is my fourth fall and it means that Maine landscape will be changing dramatically to mono-chromatic red-orange-brown hue. When it happens I know for sure that I will be anticipating the beautiful sights of Maine. When it happens I will be swept away by the breathtaking view of the countryside. When it happens I will be again awed by the colorful palette of the horizon. When it happens it will feel like I am living in a life-size canvas again.

Fall 2009
Waterboro, Maine

This is my fourth fall season and I know it will not be the same as the first or the second or the third. And just like every changing seasons my life is constantly changing too. Maybe this fall, things will turn as colorful as the maple leaves. And as they fall on the ground I hope my life will also find the beauty of being free and well-grounded, literally and figuratively.

Fall 2010
Cornish, Maine

Well, Fall it is. And when it is fall... I can't help but fall in love - with fall.


Ginny said…
It is so cool to have a friend in Maine, now!! I have always wanted to go there, always! Oh, and Maine in the fall! I am expecting to see great things from you, because I can't go there. I hope these pictures are just the brginning, they are totally stunning, they took my breth away. By the way, you must be very, very organized, you have each season's chores down!
George said…
This is a wonderful essay on your thoughts as autumn approaches. I like your attitude and perspective. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to autumn as well.
Dave said…
wow, inspiring photos.

your first paragraph made me smile, exactly the same as Eng's routine.
Anonymous said…
Hay! I can't wait na mag turn into different colors ang trees dito sa CH. so beautiful tlga Amiga! i love ur pictures and the way you design it. Fall na, and very soon marami ka pang ma post! looking forward for more :-) di ako maka sign in sa account ko kaya anonymous na muna me..hihihi
- Lamielle
Self Sagacity said…
My morning routine doesn't start out relaxing like that, it's chaotic with trying to beat the time. Get out of the house dropping kids off. You make me envious...what is it like to have a morning like that? Beautiful pictures, especially the one with the multi-colored maple leaves. I like fall in CA too. It is very colorful.
Len said…
The photographs are lovely, Ruthi! I think you've just reminded me to get my wardrobe in order, too, and get rid of the old shirts and tops that are no good, to make room for the winter clothes! :)
EG Wow said…
These fall photos are very lovely!

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