Sunday, September 13, 2009

Turning hardcore

Hubby loves the outdoor. He loves the outdoor so much that his weekends are usually spent outside our homes. It’s not that I am complaining, I do love outing too. It’s just that weekends are the only time I have for doing chores. And if we have to spend most of our weekends outdoors… my chores will surely suffer a tremendous blow.

I learned to love the outdoors one way or another. When I first came here, we spent all our weekends out-of-town camping. Oh well, I mean “hotel camping”. Yes, we brought all our camping stuff but we always ended up in a hotel because of 3 major reasons. ONE: the bathroom. I need a descent bathroom because for some reason… my “royal b**t” has a mind of its own. It won’t do what it supposed to do once I see a porta-potty… or worse… the woods. TWO: the bugs. I hate the bugs. For some reason, they like me. They eat me alive and chew me without remorse. And THREE: the clean-up: I hate cleaning up and packing things back up. All those left-over food, dirty laundry, and whatnots are driving me crazy. That is why for quite awhile we always ended up in the hotel so that Hubby didn’t have to deal with my whining.

But this summer, we finally went camping… FOR REAL!

And with regards to my 3 major concerns… they were addressed accordingly. One: the campground has a descent bathroom… complete with running hot water. Two: I had a stock of bug dope. Three: I learned a system how to make packing up more organize and less stressful.

Now, I am looking forward to another weekend before the ground freezes off.


Soy said...

Hi Ruthi!!! Yes it's been a long time i'm afraid. I can't write regularly now as I am also very busy like you. :)

We love camping here in England. But this summer, we only managed to camp in our garden! At least, the kids enjoyed hiding inside the tent while I did the weeding. hehe

ruthinian said...

@ Soy... that sounds fun too. LOL. Hubby loves the outdoors that is why I was infected by it. And that is the only time we could be alone. Wink***