Saturday, September 26, 2009

Falling for Fall

It's Fall. I love Fall. It's my favorite season of all.

Living here in Maine for almost 3 years now has transformed me. Just like the seasons, I think I am constantly changing. This could be a good thing for those who persive me as a Diva because I am no longer as such. I am now totally domesticated. And when I say domesticated I mean just that... I take domestic chores seriously. Those chores that I refused to do when I was still in the Philippines are now part and parcel of my daily existence here. Saturdays are my special day for romancing the laundry... pursuing my groceries... and bonding with my vacumm cleaner.

Living here in Maine for almost 3 years has given me a chance to appreciate nature. The changing seasons give me a chance to adapt to my new world. And the unpredictable weather helps me become predictable.

It's Fall. I love Fall because of its color. I love Fall because it highlights the color of my skin. Though my skin tone may not have changed or lightened a bit but it definitely stands out among the white locals.

It's Fall. I love Fall because of the beautiful sceneries. The vibrant monochromatic red hues of the landscapes provides a magical scenario that keeps on changing. And I just love how the same place changes everytime I pass by.

It's Fall and strawberry picking and chilly summer nights are over. Now, I will be looking forward to apple and pumpkin picking.

It's Fall in Maine. It's Fall and it's chilly out. I need to bring out my Fall outfits and start to bundle up. My scraves and gloves will always come handy. My coats and boots have to be kept tidy. And most importantly... I need to moisturize.

I just so love Fall.

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