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How I rocked and rolled in 2014

Year 2014 was packed with great experiences and happy memories. Too bad I wasn't able to document each important event because I was too busy with a lot of things. Yeah, I know that is an understatement. But would you believe if I tell you that most of the important things I had last year are kept in my heart? Cliche!!!

Anyway, here are the highlights of 2014 in no particular order.

1. Races. I have done only a few. Unlike in the past couple of years where I tried to run 2 races a month, last year I did only 8 races compared to 13 races in 2012. It was 1 race shy of what I did in 2013 though. As I have said I have no time to document some important events so I have not blogged any of those races so no PR comparison. However, I was able to take photos of my bib so I'm sharing them here.
I started the year with a 5K last year. It was my 2nd start-of-the-year-race (with Buffet, wink*)

Sammy the Seagull New Year's Day 5k unintentionally became a New Year's Day tradition for me and my Sweetest. It's sort of a "Date" because this is the only race that my Sweetest goes to watch me so it's really very important.

The Winter West Frozen 5K which was postponed and set to another date due to snow storm was the first event I joined in to celebrate Westbook's Winter West Festival.
(I can't find the bib photo for this race. What a bummer!!!)

The Great Scot Trot 5K which I consider as my Anniversary Race is a silent pledge I made for myself. Last year was my 3rd year anniversary. I will surely run it again this year for my 4th year anniversary.
The Salomon Trail Running Festival which is my very first 10K race was a faith run. I have not trained for this and considering that it was a trail run I was surprised with myself for signing up for it. I was 10 minutes late when I got to the venue but I still ran it all by myself and heck yeah, I had a blast because I had the trail all to myself. And yes, 2 other races (Canine 2.5K and Barefoot 5K) caught up with me when I reached the finish line so it looked like I was not alone after all. LOL
The Color Run which I ran with 5 beautiful and amazing ladies was another awesome experience. It was the most colorful race I did last year literally. I was able to record the entire race on my gopro but don't know how to edit and download it. LOL
The 1st Sacopee Valley Health Center 5K is a new race which I plan to do every year. I like this race because the venue is close to where my friend Medy lives so that means I will have free Filipino Food after the race. Yay!!! Hopefully, she and Maya will be able to run with me this year.
The Sanford-Springvale YMCA 5K Trail Run which is my most important race of all races in my entire running career. (Yeah, I know there is no such thing as running career for me. LOL) This race is the most significant because I placed FIRST in my Age Group Category. Never mind that I was the only one in my age group. HAHAHAHA Just pretend you didn't read that last sentence. wink* I just love the medal that proves I am a winner!
And lastly, The Great Pumpkin 10K which is my 2nd 10K and the last race for 2014. This is another proud moment for me because I ran the whole race without stopping or walking. Guess I am ready for the biggie!!!

2. Staycation. How I wish I could go on vacation abroad but why do that when there are lots of beautiful places to see here in my own backyard? Maine after all is not called Vacationland for nothing.

Last year, my dream destination in Maine finally became a reality. I spent 3 days in Acadia National Park with my friend Jody and we had a blast. Acadia didn't disappoint me. It was what I expected it to be and even more. I plan to go back with my brothers someday soon to explore and experience it again. And maybe this time I can hike and watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain with two of my favorite people.
Bass Harbor Lighthouse at dusk. One of the many lighthouses in Acadia National Park.
This is our view while we were having the famous popover at Jordan Pond House. When in Acadia, JPH is a must. You have not been to Acadia if you have not tried the popover. Just sayin'.

A day tour of Fort Knox and the Penobscot Bay Bridge with my BFF and family was amazing and a wonderful experience. We had fun checking out all the cannons and historical facts in Fort Knox. The view from the Observatory of the Penobscot Bay Bridge is breathtaking. And yes, we had fun exploring the Flea Market on our way home.
The Penobscot Bay Bridge as seen from the Fort.
The view of the bridge on our way to the observatory.

And since summer is camping season in Maine I got the chance to visit Mt. Blue State Park and stayed there for a night camping. The surrounding lake and the State Park's amenities are awesome. Though my Sweetest didn't like camping there because he is not used to crowd and he is more of a hardcore camper. But I think it's a nice place to camp for newbie campers like my brothers.
Some visitors kayaking and canoeing in Webb Lake @ Mt. Blue State Park

3. Photography. I had fun joining a bunch of photographers taking photos in Ogunquit last October during the Scott Kilby 2014 Worldwide Photowalk. It was my first time to join the event where photographers all over the world took pictures of anything and everything. It was fun doing it thought it was a gloomy day and even if my photo was not chosen as a winner. Yes, it was a photo contest.
One of the photos I shoot. This was taken while I was on the Perkins Cove Draw Bridge.

4. Japol's Winter Wonderland Experience of Vacationland. Finally, my brother Japol came to visit me here in Maine. Yes, He rocked and rolled in Vacationland. And for the first time I was able to do a lot of winter activities. 
It was my first time skiing and we had fun. Though the visit was short it was the most memorable event in 2014. But it's only the first. He is coming back soon! And yes, hopefully with Gary.

5. Hikes. I wanted to go hiking for the longest time but I have nobody to go with me. I am scared to go all by myself. But last year 2 friends hiked with me - Lisa and Kristin. It was an amazing experience. I plan to do more hiking this year.
 The view on top of Douglas Mountain in Hiram.
The bridge at the Mountain Trail Division Gorham side.
The view from Sawyer Mountain Limerick side.

6. FamBam Weekend Getaways. Last year my Sweetest and I together with B spent a couple of weekend getaways. The first one was on my Sweetest birthday where we spent a couple of days in New Hampshire. And the other one was a day tour of Boothbay Harbor with a sumptuous lunch at Cabbage Island where we feasted on Lobster. Of course we also did a little camping and gold panning in Byron and Rangely which is already considered a Gregoire family summer tradition.
My boys watching TV in our hotel in New Hampshire.
B enjoying our stroll at the Saco River in NH.
My boys at the dock in Boothbay Harbor while waiting for our boat ride to Cabbage Island.
Cabbage Island boys preparing our lunch.
My boys checking out historical info in one of the scenic views in Rangely.
 Dad and B preparing breakfast at the camp.
B exploring the river in Rangely while Dad was gold prospecting.

Wow, I never realized I was that busy until I reached this point. So now you believe me that I have no time to blog? I'm not lying anymore. LOL

Now that another year is over and a new one has just begun (Isn't it a lyric of a song?) I am on another countdown. This year will be just another year but definitely a very significant one. This year I will celebrate my BIG FIVE-O so I don't know what it has to offer.
Well, whatever this year brings I will just deal with it the only way I know how... with a capital "A" - attitude! Positive attitude, that is.

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