Thursday, January 2, 2014

Definitely Trying to Start the Year Right!

Happy New Year, Everyone! As usual, I'm late in greeting you all. I have a reason for that. "I want to be the last one to greet you all for greater impact". Wink***
Yup, that was me in gray hat and scarf and aviator sunglasses.

So how was your New Year? Mine was awesome! It was freezingly awesome! It was brutally cold but awesome! And I was totally cool and awesome!

No, I wasn't the last one to cross the finish line (6 more participants were behind me, promise).
Most of the runners  were already all rested and lining up at the buffet table
 this very moment (and I'm not defensive either, LOL).

Guess what? Me and my Sweetest started a New Year tradition for both of us. And I guess I have to carry it on for as long as I can.
Me, last year during my very first Sammy the Seagull's New Year's Day 5k [2013].
Me - this year's Sammy the Seagull's New Year's Day 5K [2014].

Guess what again? I am totally downsizing every aspect of my life as one of my New Year's Resolutions, though I'm not really a New-Year's-Resolution-kind-of-Gal. I just came up with a couple just for the heck of it this year or an outline as my take to get my life organized this year.
This little guy kept me company while I was trying to warm up after the cold race.

So yes, I plan to downsize some aspects of my life from my physique to my food in-take to my blogs. Well, I am not really sure [just yet] about the physique and food in-take aspects of it [are you kidding me?] but definitely YES for downsizing my blogs. I realized that I cannot really handle 7 blogs anymore. It took me quite awhile to really accept the fact that I am not Superwoman with super powers but this year, I've given up! I can only do so much so welcome to my "new" world.
Yeah, the road was icy and slippery but I'm alive!

So here's the thing. First, The Gregoire Tradition: I did my first Sammy the Seagull's New Year's Day 5K last year to start the year 2013. Yesterday, I did it again! So I vowed that I will start every first day of the year with a 5K. And yes, Mr. Mike Gregoire will join me whether he likes it or not. At least, at the race to the buffet table.
Me - so happy that I finished the race alive
 and finally running my way to the buffet table with Hubby.

It was brutally cold but I felt good after the race. I felt good because I didn't have any guilt feeling lining up to the buffet table after the race. LOL
Last year, my PR was 37:43 at 12:09 pace and I placed 120th out of 135 participants
but hey, it wasn't negative-20-degrees-wind-chill cold that time.

The race was better this year not PR-wise though. It was colder yesterday than last year's. And I did not struggle as hard as last year breathing-wise, as well. So over-all, I'm totally digging winter running.
This is the final result of the race yesterday.
There were less runners and more eaters (I was guessing based on the number of people in the diner) this year. Last year there were 135 participants compared to this year's 100.

And since I have decided to start the year right, I already signed up for a couple more races for this year and eye-ing for more to schedule. So help me God! LOL

And guess what (for the last time)? I did mention earlier that I'll be downsizing my blogs... so yes - this post is one of them. I've decided to post most of my RUNNING UPDATEs here in TCWTB instead of having a separate blog for it. I am not posting anymore blog to the high-heeled Diva's Running bLog. All my future posts about my races will be published here from now on.

Lastly, I am sad to announce that my website - My Refuge Online finally lost its domain URL address due to - yes, you guess it right... AUTO RENEW.  So I will have another blog series for it in my other website - RBS. I will be re-posting most of the old posts I had there to start anew. Sadly too, Gregoire Builders might be on queue on this downsizing move and that is my prediction for this year. Trust me, these are hard decisions to make but I had to do what I had to do.

Well, I guess that would be it for today. I hope you all decided to start the year right too and that you will keep visiting me here. Let's all welcome the New Year with a positive attitude.

Photo Credits: Maine Running Photos and my Sweetest.

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betchai said...

oh, I love that so cool and so awesome woman, yey for you Ruthi, happy New Year to you too and I do hear you about downsizing blogs :) the reason why I was over ambitious before to add one more but I stopped, 2 is enough for me, well, for now. :)

kulasa said...

You never fail to make me smile Ruthi sistah! Oh boy congratulations on finishing the race alive :) wehehe, gee let's get rid of our sexiness this year hahaha am still searching for a weight loss buddy hahaha,

Hi to your sweetness and am excited to see you with Japol there!!!

Cheers to a new year of blogging frenzy!♡