Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby!

I supposed to run today. I signed up for another 5K which is scheduled for today. But alas, it was raining ice pellets here in my neck of the woods. So the organizers postponed it for next month. Grrrr!
I can't blame them, the road is icy. Everything is icy.  And just to let you see what we are dealing with, here are some photos I took this week.

This is the average snow we normally get since winter started.
This poor shrub is heavily covered in snow breaking some of its limbs.
But this kind of weather never let our spirits down.
Because no matter what, we just enjoy it the way we know how.
As for me, I just love sipping my hot tea. After all, this is Maine and this what what life is.

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betchai said...

i love most the 3rd picture, oh so lovely