Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thank God it's Saturday!

 There are two things I look forward to Saturday.
1. Sleeping in. I wake up 4 in the morning every day to go to work. But on Saturday, I still wake up at 4 AM still but not to go to work but to the bathroom. LOL. Then I would go back to bed and sleep in. And when I wake up, I don't need to change. I can stay in my PJs and browse on Groupons to look for discounts or play candy crush or some other thing that I don't usually do on work days.

2. And wait for my breakfast in bed! Hubby vowed that he will make me breakfast in bed every Saturday for as long as I live... or something to that effect. (hahaha) Yes, I am bluffing or just imagining things. He didn't say those exact words but it was I'm interpretation. But with a little sweetness or blackmail (only when needed) I do have breakfast in bed almost every Saturday (except on Hunting Season).

My Dearest Sweetest,

I know you hate making breakfast, but you still make me one. I know you might as well have me make you breakfast and you do whine about it, but still I win over you not because I am more powerful but because you love me. wink*

I want you to know that Saturdays are the best day of the week and I always look forward to it even if I will have eggs and bacon and toasted bread every Saturday for the rest of my life. I will not get tired eating them because they are the best food in this whole wide world because those are the only food you can cook them.

I want you to know, that I really appreciate those little things you do for me. And even if I nag most of the time, it doesn't mean anything. I was a former teacher remember and I was a creature of habit. So please don't get mad at me. I love you more than you ever know.

Your Sweetie

Thank God for Saturday!


Japol Orona said...

watch out ..!
the ants are coming..!

so sweet..!
good job kuya mike!

Japol Orona said...

watch out..!
the ANTS are coming..!
so sweet...!

good job kuya mike!

betchai said...

very sweet, when can I have breakfast in bed? each time I tease ktl about making me breakfast, he told me to get up and we go to Panera :( haaaaay.

Lamielle said...

Ang sweet naman ni hubby mo amiga. Ang sarap magising ng my mag prepare ng breakfast.:)

Zenserly said...

Oh my, so sweet!!! "Kilig" to the bones! :D