Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Silvery Trees

I'm a horrible person. Oh, let me re-phrase it. I'm a horrible person! LOL

Well, I have not blogged anything about Christmas. That is why I am horrible. I'm a blogger duh. Why am I not blogging? All bloggers all over the blog-o-sphere have been blogging about the magical season since September (ate least for Pinoy bloggers where Christmas starts on the "Ber months", that is).
Christmas will be over in few hours and I am still not writing about it. And instead I'm writing about the horrible weather we have here in Maine.

It's bitter cold out here. It's Christmas Day and a couple of days after the ice storm that left 39,000 Mainers out in the dark and bitter cold weather due to power outage. My heart goes out with them especially around this time of the year. I pray that they will find warmth and comfort and joy despite the situation.
And despite the negative stuff, I am grateful though that this season brings family together all over the world. And despite the cold weather, there is a silver stuff all around us too. The trees are glistening in silver as the result of the frozen rain. Aren't they beautiful?

Merry Christmas Everyone, I do hope that you all had a blessed and magical one. And I pray that it will be the same year after year after year.

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betchai said...

I haven't blogged about Christmas too, well, until at Christmas eve for a simple greeting :) Miss you Ruthi, thanks you are safe from the nasty ice storm in Maine.

Zenserly said...

Oh I didn't know there was a storm there :( because I was Christmas hyped! :) glad too to know you are well and loving the silver color of frozen rain. Am thinking of going to the surfing area to watch the sunset later. I will wrap the warmth of the sun and send to you as a virtual hug. Love yah!