Saturday, April 6, 2013

I don't have an "alibi"

Yes, I have been in hiatus for[ever]. Yes, I took an indefinite absence from blogging. And yes, I have no alibis!

Working 12 hours a day is not an alibi since I can play "Words with Friends" till 10 or 11 PM every night. Training for a race is not an alibi since I rarely run to train. And busy doing with chores is definitely not an alibi since I got tons of things to do around the house.

So what is the reason why I have not been blogging for more more than a couple of months now? Good question!

I have none!

Being lazy is not an alibi either... it's in my DNA! [lol]

But I'm back but don't count on it because it is only an "alibi". [hahahaha]

Miss you all.

1 comment:

kulasa said...

hey there! whew, so happy to see you on my page as Mike hahahahaha, you have no idea how much I missed yah friend! and nope I am not accepting the alibi yah! I must add that photo of your with your naturally sparkling beautiful eyes and smile is what I missed most! :D