Saturday, January 14, 2012

He went to Jared [again]!

Tell me if I was wrong. Wives like me wish that our husbands will have super powers to read our minds. If there is an APP for that - I will surely download it super fast. I don't care how much it will cost me. LOL

Well, Christmas time is the time when you are a little insecure. A little insecure that you might not get what you want or that you might have bought more that what you are going to get. hahaha Well, it's a childish thing, I know.

At my age I don't really expect to get anything anymore. I am just happy that my family is healthy and that we still have each other.

I am just contented that I have a job. Well, two part-time jobs and I get paychecks on a regular basis. For my Sweetest... to be able to work and projects keep coming in is indeed a great bonus.

And I am just really happy to get new Pandora Charms. hahahaha Well, it's a tradition with me and my Sweetest. But to get another set of jewelry is way over my expectations.

Yes, He went to Jared...
and to G.M. Pollack, too!
And I felt so bad that I only got him a hunting suit and a gift card which cost not even 1/8 of how much he spent for me. Well, it's over the return period now - so there is no way I can return the gifts. Wink***

Love you so much Sweetest.


Self Sagacity said...

I think the older we get the more we live through the kids. They have wants and needs that have not been fulfilled, but us old folks? We have too much of everything already. smiles.

Lamielle here! said...

hehehe..Funny amiga! Bawi ka nalang next year..hihih He really is the sweetest...hugs

betchai said...

"At my age I don't really expect to get anything anymore"--haha, same, I actually really have nothing to want having too much already, call it contentment :)