Monday, May 30, 2011

New Profession?

So I am having a backlog on my blogging activities here [so, what else is new? LOL] - most especially in this website. I admit it's very irresponsible of me. As I have said... I am busy... really busy. And yet, I was able to start a new website about a couple of months back dedicated to my new career - running. hahaha

NO... I just love the way it sounds - Professional Runner. Well, I might be trying hard to run, ain't that one of the characteristics of a Professional Runner?

But NO... it's not as if I am giving up my day job to concentrate on running to make money. Well, the last race I participated was awesome. The first finisher bagged 5K for the 5K [translation: 5,000 dollars for the 5 kilometers run]. No way I can come close to the first 100 finishers. But at least this time around I wasn't the 5th to the last who crossed the finish line. hahaha.

So here is the update on my blogging whereabouts. My new website is called the high-heeled Diva's RUNNING bLOG.

And NO... I didn't run in my stilettos. I ran in running shoes. I am a professional, you know! hahaha

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