Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's my Sweetest Birthday, today!

It's my Sweetest birthday today. I wasn't able to greet him this morning because I was so sleepy when I left for work. The guys who did our dining/kitchen flooring worked all night. They were still there when I left for work at 5:30 am.

So today, I just texted him to say Happy Birthday. And since I have not written to him for a long time, this is the best time to do it now.

Dear Sweetest,

Happy Birthday. What else can I say? hahaha Well, I can come up with lots of sweet words and stuff like that, but I guess we are passed that stage now. We have been together for 4 years already. I remembered I came here in Maine 2 days before your birthday and you said... I was the best gift you ever had on your birthday. That was sweet. wink*

Well, it's already the 4th year that we have been together so we don't have to do the math. I will just ask you a question. Am I still the best gift you ever had? No, you don't have to answer that question [since you don't read my blog anyway and I'm afraid the answer will be worse. LOL]. We have been through a lot. And a lot of times it was not that good. We have ups and downs just like any other normal couples do. But we are not normal, are we? hahaha

Life is tough and our relationship has been put to test a lot of times. And a lot of times, we never give up. I just hope that we continue to hold on and work out on it. I don't want to be cheesy this time. We are passed that stage too. 

Just want you to know that I LOVE YOU... point blank! Not as if I don't have a choice. I do have a choice, right? And I chose you so deal with it.

I love you Sweetest... more that you ever now. Happy birthday. Come home early... we'll have a dinner date. 

Don't worry it's on me. wink*

Love you always,

Your Sweetie

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Lamielle here! said...

very sweet msgs amiga! so cute and really nice. i love it..i can feel the real feelings behind it. :) keep it coming and hapi bday to ur hubby..kisses!