Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Californication

I was away from the computer for almost 2 weeks because right after Christmas, I flew to California to meet my cousin...
With my cousin Joey and gracious host.

two of my long time friends...
With Ate Emms
With Marlon

and a couple of former students whom I have not seen for years...
With Carmen and Loike [with her cute son Sean who happens to be my nephew because she is married to my cousin Paul who is also her HS classmate and former student of mine.]

and some blogger friends whom I met online not too long ago.
The Salitype Sistahs [R-L: Me, Betchai, Chay and Tes... plus Rose]

Two weeks of hectic yet exciting escapade in the Golden State ... a thousand plus photos...
Photo Credit: Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life.

ten pounds of weight gained due to endless feasting...
Having Korean BBQ with Carmen.

hundreds of dollars spent on shopping...
At Tiffany's... shhhhh!

and thousands of miles spent on foot... in a car... or on the bus - exploring different important landmarks of California...
The Hollywood sign as seen from Sunset Boulevard.
The Getty Center
The Palace of Fine Arts.
The famous Golden Gate Bridge.
Fisherman's Wharf.
 The Lombard Street as seen from the Crookedest Street.
The Victorian Houses as seen from Alamo Square.

meant that I have a lot to blog about - so I will talk about it in parts. So in the meantime... this is my Californication - in a nutshell.

Note from the Blogger:

Since USA is now officially my HOME... this will be the start of a SERIES OF BLOG POSTS about the United States of America. And I will call this series 'MERICA. This will be the start of a regular posts dedicated to my new home where I will share my experiences as I travel to the different parts of country to explore its culture, enjoy its tradition and live with its people.

Ruthi Orona-Gregoire

This is one of 'MERICA Posts Series. A regular post dedicated to my HOME away from home.

Read more about my 'merica HERE as I share my experiences in this land of amazing People, Culture and Traditions.


betchai said...

wow, your schedule was really hectic Ruthi, you were so in demand :) lucky you to have so many who loves you, iba na talaga ang teacher!

next time ulit, still suffering from hang-over here.

George said...

It looks as if you had a marvelous time in California. I look forward to learning more about your visit there.