Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Totally Hardcore

I have another confession to make. Oh well, you better get used to me making confessions because I have lots of them. LOL

We went again to Byron, Maine and went camping and gold panning last weekend. Yes, we found a few tiny and microscopic pieces of the precious metal but not enough to make Hubby happy.

But that is not my confession. My confession is... I went camping for "real"!

You see, during the first year that I went camping... it was more of a hotel camping. I was so still afraid of going out of my comfort zone. I was afraid of using a different kind of bathroom [you know what I mean] and can't imagine myself sleeping on hard bumpy cold ground. So every time we planned to go camping we packed all our camping stuff in the back of the truck but checked-in... in a hotel.

The second year that we went camping... Hubby finally convinced me to go camping... in a campground and sleep in a tent. It was not that easy though but I agreed because the campground has good amenities like a bathroom with hot running water... picnic table... wood fire ring... and improvised grill for cooking. And there were other people camping too so I was sure that raccoons and coyotes are afraid to come near me. We went camping in the campground until last 4th of July of this year.

Last weekend... Hubby suddenly decided to do camping the hardcore way. It was not in the campground but in the woods... by the river... with no amenities like picnic table much less... a "shit house". We need to transport our stuff into the woods by crossing the river in our 4-wheeler about half a mile away from the dirt road where our truck was parked. I had a hard time sleeping because... 1) we were not able to use our air mattress which can only be inflated with a pump powered by the truck's battery. 2) the raccoons were checking us out. 3) the sound of the birds and other animals only-God-knows-what are too loud almost competing with the gushing sound of the water in the river. 4) and the thought that we were the only people in the woods was freaking me out.

But I survived! How? Don't even make me start!


Ginny said...

Well, I am totally on your side!! I will go to great lengths to avoid public bathrooms. This scary camping trip sounds like my worst nightmare. For one thing, I am even afraid of spiders. You got some good pictures, they look scary, as well. I await to see how you survived

CaraBee said...

I'm way impressed! Camping to me is one of those posh campgrounds with electricity and showers and LOTS of other people. Because there are monsters in them thar woods and I don't want them getting me first. I like a buffer.

Hey, we'd like to feature you next Tuesday at BlogTrotting! Can you have a tour post ready?

My Public Secrets said...

I am very proud of you Amiga. Napaka flexible mo. I wish kagaya kita, I wanted to try camping pro takot ako na baka my bigla nalng mangulo samin, like dun sa mga nakikita ko sa movies, monsters, killers or wild animals. Pro ikaw, you did it :) hihihi so proud of you :) nakakatakot yung ginawa nyo..hihihi

juliana said...

the closest experience I had to camping was camping as Girl Scout when I was in grade school. it must be an experience as an activity like this one requires a lot of flexibility. kudos to you and your hubby for doing something out of the ordinary.

thanks by the way for dropping by my blogs.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

hahaha....my girl, my dear girl. I will understand how you were feeling. You're not like me that I can strike anywhere. I'd been a girl scout brought up in a military upbringing - so you i can imagine your "hard core". But it's just peanuts my dear. See the beauty around you. You haven't been into a forest where you have to be alert watching crocodiles chasing you for intruding their territory. hahaha...

In Australia, we have dingo. But they are far out in the outback!

Love you story immensely.