Saturday, July 10, 2010

I hate Gold Panning

I have a confession to make. I'm not really too crazy about gold panning and camping. I hate packing and worse, I hate cleaning up after the mess. You know what I mean. So why do I go anyway, you will ask. Because... I want to get hold of the gold if ever Hubby will get one!.

I hate gold panning. It's a lot of work and it's boring. We would spend the whole day in the river almost lasting up to 10 hours. Hubby would be dredging dirt while I would sort out the rocks from the sluice. Hubby would be knee deep scrapping dirt, sand and rocks under a big boulder and I would be either sorting rocks or... going up and down the river a few times to make lunch, strolling along the river, taking photos, snacking on junk food, listening to my iPod and taking a dip in the freezing cold running water [but not necessarily in that order]. It would be our tight schedule for a couple of days or at least during the duration of our trip to the gold panning site.

I hate gold panning. But I have been doing it for 3 years now. And I have a funny feeling that the foundation of our 3 years marriage is based on solid gold. [wink*]

During the first year, Hubby and I just enjoyed going up Byron to take a short vacation. We only have riffle pans and a small shovel and would just be digging dirt along the bank.

During the second year, Hubby bought a sluice and a dredge and a motor online. I was freaking out for he paid $500 for them. In retaliation ... I went shopping online for shoes and bag to match his spending.

During the third year, aside from celebrating our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary gold panning in New Hampshire.. Hubby bought a bigger motor and yards of pipes or tubes [I don't exactly know what it is called] online and spent $700 out of our tax refund. I then spent a little more than that on jewelries, clothes, and make up.

Next year, we will surely be gold panning again because... Hubby bought another gold panning equipment the other day... so I  booked a plane ticket to Los Angeles... then, I will surely be shopping in Rodeo Drive, baby! LOL

Oh, Boy! Should I change my title to... I love gold panning?


Icy BC said...

Oh Ruthi, I love how you're matching up with his spending..If you hate it that much, don't go..and use that money to fly!

betchai said...

oh Ruthi, you cracked me up girl, hahaha, go shop at Rodeo Drive girlash :)

sterndal said...

wow ok pala yung relationship nio eh :) yan ang tinatawag na give and take hihi

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