Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Weekend

So we did go camping and gold panning again. I still don’t know if we found some gold nuggets because we only dredged and brought back the concentrate. Hubby will surely pan the concentrate any day this week.

We went in the same place. We stayed in the same campsite. And we dredged in the same spot. Having spent almost all our summer every year in this place, it almost feel like home already.

I know the place quite well now.

I’m not scared anymore to go down and up the steep hill with bucket and sluice in my hands.

I’m already familiar with the rocks and know which ones are not steady to step on when crossing the river.

I’m used to being greeted with some pleasant critters and being bugged by some unpleasant ones.

[This little one is checking out my cooler and stayed there the whole time while I was cooking our lunch.]

And for three days… I answered the call of nature at Mother Nature's. Hehehehe

[Well, where else would you do it? And how else would you do it? With a grand view like this! wink*]

Cooked our meals at my improvised kitchen.

[Preparing lunch in my kitchen while hubby is down the river dredging.}

Washed my dirty dishes at 40 degrees cold running water. Yeah, literally running water.

[My nature's dishwasher with plenty of cold running water. Don't worry I used biodegradable dish soap so the environment is safe.]

And amused myself with photography while hubby had his nose underwater dredging for dirt. And yes, we will surely be back soon.

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