Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Not-so-handy Handyman and my new craft room

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yes, as my blog title suggests… I am indeed a Carpenter’s Wife. Then, you might think that I am lucky for having a handy man under my wings. That I have someone to do all kinds of home repairs at my beck and call. Well, think again [LOL] because sometimes, it will take a little longer than expected to ask my handyman to do things around his own house. It will take a lot of motivation to make him do things for me. And worse, it will take a real “blackmail” to make him do things quick and fast. Why, because he doesn’t get paid to do carpentry job in his own home. Hahahahaha I'm just kidding. You know... Men!

Anyway, so I needed to paint my craft room. It’s not an urgent task but as usual, he would procrastinate because I can’t think of anything to blackmail him with. But he did suggest that I go to Home Depot and ask the sale associate about Glidden paint. It’s what he uses at his job site.

And so I went and was delighted at how convenient it is to use this paint. I just bought the paint tester first and experimented with it. And yes, I went back after a couple of days and decided to give my craft room an entirely new look.

Here are some of the interesting facts about Glidden Paints:
Glidden’s paint testers are unique from other brands because they have a handy brush included in the lid, and our testers allow you to try out the actual paint color before you commit to buying all the paint necessary for your project.
• The paint testers are also great for households with children because they can be used to quickly touch up scrapes and stains. 
• Glidden testers are also easier to store than large, messy, half-used cans of paint. Find Ideas Quickly with Glidden’s Top 10 Color Palettes and XL Paint Chips.
• Get inspired to paint with colors that reflect who you are! Glidden’s Top 10 Color Palettes are assembled by color experts to express your personality.
• Glidden also makes it easy to select the perfect combination of colors. Their large paint chips help you experience your favorite color in your room’s unique lighting. Plus, all of the chips have two coordinating color options right on the back.

Well, Hubby did the paint job with no blackmailing involved [sigh] and he was all praise for my choice of color combination. And I am happy for my new craft room. Too bad I still haven’t taken any photo of it because my camera is still in the repair shop. Maybe next time.

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VanillaSeven said...

Better buy a tester first before committed for the large bulk :)

Lamielle here! said...

Ang galing naman! natawa naman ako sa blog mo Amiga, buti nalang at di mo na kinaylangang i blackmail hubby mo..congratz sa new crafz room mo :) I am pretty sure, napakaganda nyan. Also tama yung ginawa mong paint tester muna ang inuna mo, pra ma kita mo muna if okay ba or not. job well done Amiga! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is