Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hubby and Procrastination

And so we went gold panning up north. It was my birthday gift to Hubby... along with a new set of golf clubs [hoping that he would use it one of these days].

You see, I am not really too crazy about camping and gold panning since I prefer Hotel camping. wink* But since it was his birthday I want to make him happy because I know how much it means to him. And so I suggested two weeks before that Memorial weekend to make the necessary arrangement for the trip up north.

And guess what, as usual, he waited the last minute to do what he has to do. We almost did not make it because his truck which sticker  will expire on the last day of the month [which will be the day we are coming back from camping] encountered some problems. He had his windshield changed so his sticker was removed. When he brought the truck to be inspected he had to change his tires and a bunch of other things. So we went without a car sticker on. He wasn't able to call the campsite for the reservation so we went up without a plan B. Good thing someone cancelled their reservation so we got it.

Hays... good thing it was his birthday or else I wouldn't be a happy camper. LOL

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betchai said...

oh Ruthi, our hubbies are opposite, 3.5 years ago, i was successful in encouraging khai to buy tent and sleeping bags so we can go camping sometimes, we probably have the sturdiest tent to withstand all the elements but for 3.5 years, it is untouched :( and we never got the money's worth back. he would always tell me why suffer when you can sleep in a nicer bed when there are hotels to find? and there are places I wanted to explore and hike, but sadly, my hubby is not so interested for we would be camping for there are no hotels nearby :(