Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Interview with Kristie... The Restless Traveler

QUESTION NO. 10. Where do you think you'll go next?

I am a traveler. At least I believe so that is why I am so sure that once the travel bug bites me again... there is nothing else for me to do but to pack my luggage and take off.

I have been to different countries [with my BFFs] before I finally settled here in Maine.

I want to see the world and given a chance I will not pass on it.

I want to see Europe and the mysterious Asian countries that I used to teach my students from books. And perhaps visit again those places I've already been to just to relive the good memories I had there.

And after I get tired of traveling I will surely go back home for a short visit to my home country to be with family and reconnect with friends every now and then.

Or maybe buy a farm and build my dream vacation/retirement home there and just come back here in Maine after the long winter is over.


Unknown said...

If given a chance I would also love to see the world, but would still go back here in P.I.
I know how you feel...My mom lives in America too and everyday she speaks of nothing other than she wants to not just visit P.I, but to retire here :-(

Oh and your idea of buying a farm was the coolest..

God bless!

Salitype said...

if given the cash never mind the time- i will always find time - i, too would like to see more of the!

there's nothing more fascinating than travelling, seeing the places with fresh view, knowing the culture and tasting the food!


ruthinian said...

@ButteryFly... Yeah, there is no other place like home especially during winter time.

ruthinian said...

@Salitype... Yeah, being able to travel and see the world is the most exciting thing to do. The world is the biggest classroom and experiencing it is more than acquiring education.

Ebie said...

You are a well traveled person. I love to travel, and like the book says, around the world in 80 days, if its possible!

sterndal said...

wow ang galing!

ang dami mo na pala napuntahan!


"the world is the biggest classroom"

i like that!


ruthinian said...

@Ebie... yes it is posible... but we need a lot of money too. lol

ruthinian said...

@Sterndal.... yup, I used to travel will my BFFs before but when one of us got married we kinda stop doing it. The last time we traveled together was in Australia to attend "My Bestfriend's Wedding"... then after few years... I come here the other friend of ours kept traveling. She is the only one who is not married.