Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Interview with Kristie... Practical Tips

QUESTION NO. 9. Any practical tips for the new expats out there?

Moving or migrating is a big decision one has to make. It is like going to war. You need to be prepared and ready... emotionally, physically and perhaps spiritually to survive the challenges awaiting you.

My practical tips are very common and simple. I know a lot of people already know them or simply put... they already know what to do once they are faced with the same predicament. I believe that human being has a natural instinct to adapt to any life situation for survival. But still everything is easier said than done.

Based on my personal experience... these 5 things saved me from losing my sanity during the first few months in my new home. And for this reason alone, I know it is worth sharing. So here goes;

1. Pack a great amount of common sense and you will never go wrong.

2. Be prepared and don't whine if things won't happen the way you dreamt it.

3. Expect the unexpected so that you will not get disappointed.

4. Don't leave behind your values, faith and personal conviction because
they will come handy in those instances when you are left with no options.

5. And more importantly, grow where you are planted.

Being an Expat is like you are being uprooted from the soil where you are planted. But being so is not entirely a negative thing. Some plants grow beautifully when they are re-planted or re-potted... you know what I mean. Take advantage of the things offered to you in your new home and look for the opportunity to learn and to adapt and things will fall perfectly into places.

And if things did not go the way you expected it to be... find ways to move on... or move out... or move in. It's your choice.


Lamielle here! said...

hello Ruthi,

Just dropping by..have a great weekend ;-D

ruthinian said...

@Public Secret... thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Those are very nice pics! I hope your husband gets another huge one. Opening day here in Michigan is tomorrow!

Rick (Ratty) said...

Your five tips are also good for anyone who stays in the same place. It's important to become a part of your surroundings wherever you are or however long you've been there. It's never too late.

Salitype said...

hi there!

i totally agree with your tips, not only good for those moving in or out but also for those and staying in.

human, and i think it also applies to animals, have the inherent quality to adapt to their takes time to be an integral part of the new surroundings but one will fit in, if one will's.

have a lovely day!


ruthinian said...

@Poor Boy...Thanks for visiting. Well the hunting season just started so he will be out there most of the time hoping to get another one.

ruthinian said...

@Ratty... Yes, I believe adapting is the only way to survive life challenges.

ruthinian said...

@Salitype... Yes I believe so. Even those people who live all there lives in one place still find it hard to adjust in their surrounding. Indeed, adaptation is the only way to survive.

sterndal said...

hello miss ruthi :)

what does tip number 5 mean?



ruthinian said...

@Sterndal... tip number 5's explanation is the next paragraph. Thanks for visiting, I'm so happy to see you here.

Ibyang said...

great tips! very insightful and i so agree because i do have the same thoughts when i moved to Australia.

my favorite is "bloom where you are planted" because i believe in making the most of what we have and living in the "now". things may be challenging yes but what's important is how make that challenging thing work out for us the best way we know how.

good day!

ruthinian said...

@Ibyang... thanks for visiting. I so love that phrase too. It was the only advice of my former spiritual advicer that really stayed with me and that kept me going.