Monday, February 2, 2015

I am a Horrible Fan!

Yes, you read that right... I am a horrible fan!

I stopped watching the Super Bowl right after the halftime show simply because I don't want to experience the pain I experienced during the first 2 Super Bowls where the Patriots lost to the Giants. Trust me I was devastated and bawling when they lost to Giants 2 times in a row.
This time I was quite sure I jinxed the games so I decided to watched Criminal Minds reruns instead. Boy, I was happy to hear it from the 11pm News that the Patriots won. I may not experienced the excitement watching the game but I surely spared myself dying of heart attack last night.

I didn't grow up watching ball games. Back in the Philippines, I was never a big fan of basketball which is the No. 1 ballgame where people are rooting for. I wasn't just interested. I don't find it amusing and exciting.
But boy, when I moved here in the U.S. I turned into a Football Fan. And not just any other "fan". I am a die-hard New England Patriots Fan.
My Sweetest introduced me to Football. At first I was a little confused and not really into it. But when I realized how intense the game was, I was hooked. I would be watching every single game that the Patriots would be playing. (Note: I only watch games when the Patriots are in.)
And yes, I learned to know the players, my favorite of course is Tom Brady - the Quarterback and Rob Gronkoski. Then, I was sad when Wes Welker - a Veteran Wide Receiver left the Pats for the Broncos... when Hernandez was accused for murder... and when the Pats was recently involved in deflate-gate scandal. But more importantly, I know that Bill Belichick is one person who's smile is so precious.
I had to admit, I still don't know a lot about Football.  When I watch Football, I have to ask my Sweetest every now and then about the game's technicalities and bombard him with all the "WHYs  and the HOWs and the REALLYs" during the entire game. And even if he quickly dose off to "LaLaLand" before the 3rd quarter, I would stay awake to finish the game. BUT NOT LAST NIGHT! I cannot risk jinxing the game for the 3rd time. And I'm glad they WON!


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