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In times like these...

In times like these... [high prices - food, rent, mortgage,education, gas and all other necessities] can people do anything and practically everything to get freebies and have fun at the same time?

Life is already tough as it is but we shouldn't we consider the fact that having fun wouldn't cost us anything? In fact having fun makes tough life bearable, right? We could whine all we want but hey, it's your life and you can do whatever you want with it.

I went home straight from work today. I didn't go for a drive around looking for possible yard sale over the weekends because I still have to go to work tomorrow. I wanted to save gas. But since we are running out of bread and eggs I took a quick stop at the grocery. The price went up again, it seems.

When I got home, I wasn't in the mood for lunch since I got some free donuts at work so I feel that I can get by until 2PM today. So I went to check my emails and check updates on my Hubby's FB. [Shhhhhh... I hacked…

Another Blog Series alert?

I don't know about you... but I have the tendency to get carried away easily and quickly. Given the present preoccupation I have, [oh, oh, blog series ALERT!!!!] my mind is working non-stop about blogging and all its aspects. [oh, oh, totally new blog series ALERT!!!]

If you have noticed, I have inconsistently blogging since I started working full-time. And if ever I do blog, I would only post on 1 or 2 [out of the 7] blogs that I own and that caused my [oh, oh, auto-renew ALERT!!!] RBS's domain a big blow.

So yeah, now that my blogs are getting a major revamp there are some fixing that I need here and there. And with fixing comes creation of new things. Oh Yeah, when I am trying to fix something I usually end up creating new ones. And when I am trying to get rid of something I always end up acquiring new ones. It's a never-ending process for me. No wonder I am always tired. LOL.

Well, here is the thing. My mind won't stop thinking. Not because I lost one website doesn…

Let the Merge begin

If there is anything I learn about blogging... it is very complicated and getting complicated every single moment without you knowing it.

Years ago I thought I am invincible. Managing 7 blogs all at the same time and blogging 5 posts per blog a day, seven days a week [with only bathroom breaks in between and microwaveable meals on the go]... I am super cyber human! So I thought.

But Nah! The long hours of staying in front of the computer took a great toll on my vision. The long days of sitting on an already beat-up swivel chair took a toll on my aching back. And the longer hours of working my brains off to come up with ideas finally took a heavy toll on my sanity. And getting a day job didn't help either. So, I slowed down. Then I totally slacked off and finally lost track of my blogging. This caused me big time!

The fact that I lost my domain on one of my precious blogs finally knocked some sense on my tired brains. It hurts so bad. You see, RBS and I has a special relati…

Moving In and Moving On

After giving it a lot of thought, I finally decided to re-organize my blogs. Well, it took me quite a while before I finally gave in to the idea of downsizing my blogs [I have 7 - 5 with its own domain and 2 under free hosting] and thinking of merging them into one single blog that I can manage well hopefully without guilt. Hmmmmm.... is that possible at all? Let's think positive for now, Okay?

Well, I don't want to over-exaggerate things. I plan to do it one step at a time. And I will start withRuthi's breathingSpace.
Yes, I finally given up on re-registering or getting a new domain for RBS since I can't really figure out how to reset my domain registration to "auto-renew". I tried my best but my best isn't enough or maybe I am not tech savvy or simply put - already obsolete, getting old and losing some brain cells in the process. LOL.

Yup, I have decided to merge RBS in this blog - a Carpenter's WIFE's Tool Box...
since this is set to "auto…

Staycation it is

I am having a blast this summer. I am finally having a vacation or shall I say - STAYCATION since I am going nowhere this year.

So this year, no travels or trips to far away places scheduled for me nor for my Sweetest. Well, as for my Sweetest, I can't tell if we are not really going nowhere since he can change his mind anytime soon so we'll see.
 [Bonding with my Family in the Philippines last summer.] Surprisingly, he has not mentioned the letter "C" and the letters "G and P" since the start of summer. Normally we would be up north already around this time camping and gold panning. But I am not complaining. I love just staying home for now and organizing.
[Camping with my Sweetest, my friend Medy and Brandon last year.]
Yup, I started organizing the following day the school ended and I am still organizing and not even half-way through. Boy... I never thought it will take this long.

It's only July and I still have more than one month and a half of vaca…

Bringing Technology to my summer life

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Full Spektrem for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My summer vacation starts now. Yeah it’s kinda late huh? Here’s the thing. Summer for me is when I get to do a lot of organization and reorganization jobs inside and outside the house. And yes, I do look forward to it. It is not always fun but being an OCD like me, I got to do what I got to do. And that means cleaning, washing, polishing, painting, repainting, repurposing, sorting, throwing and repeat. And summer means busy weekends for out-of-control antiquing and yard sale undertakings. LOL.

And yes, I accumulated a few that I need to repurpose and restyle and revive. Why not buy a new one, you’ll ask? Well, where’s the fun of it when you cannot challenge your creative side, right? So yes, I am so into it because I found amazing revolutionary products that will help me achieve my creative endeavors - the Nano-iT – which is now available at all Safeway family of stores. I am…

Not just another Anniversary

Six years and counting. Yes, we are celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary today. And we celebrate it like any ordinary day.

Unlike last year where we celebrated it separately... him - here in Maine and I - in the Philippines, this year we are together again. Maybe next time we will be able to celebrate it outside of Maine... together... on a cruise? Dreaming here!
Anyway, since I don't find time to blog as often as I plan to, it's about time to do another open letter to my sweetest. Here you go!

Dearest Sweetest,

I can't believe that we have been together for 6 years now. It may not be long enough compared to other couples who might be celebrating their silver or golden or platinum wedding anniversaries but compared with Eva Longoria and Tony Parker [who were married on the same date we did... 07-07-07] we did a great job reaching this far. wink*** And I am grateful that we are still holding on despite all the trials.

We did have our fair share of ups and downs and …