Monday, July 29, 2013

Let the Merge begin

If there is anything I learn about blogging... it is very complicated and getting complicated every single moment without you knowing it.

Years ago I thought I am invincible. Managing 7 blogs all at the same time and blogging 5 posts per blog a day, seven days a week [with only bathroom breaks in between and microwaveable meals on the go]... I am super cyber human! So I thought.

But Nah! The long hours of staying in front of the computer took a great toll on my vision. The long days of sitting on an already beat-up swivel chair took a toll on my aching back. And the longer hours of working my brains off to come up with ideas finally took a heavy toll on my sanity. And getting a day job didn't help either. So, I slowed down. Then I totally slacked off and finally lost track of my blogging. This caused me big time!

The fact that I lost my domain on one of my precious blogs finally knocked some sense on my tired brains. It hurts so bad. You see, RBS and I has a special relationship. We have a special kind of bond. It picked me up when I was down. It made me laugh when I was sad. It gave me money when I was broke [quite literally if you are wondering]. And for just 2 words I lost RBS... auto-renew! Darn it!

Oh well, what should I do. There is no sense in crying over lost domain. I need to move on but first... I NEED TO MOVE IN.

Yes, Ruthi's breathingSpace has a new HOME. The Carpenter's Wife gave a space in her Tool Box for RBS. YAY!!! Now, I can keep my sanity intact. YAY again!

Now, let me welcome you to the New Blog Series that will be featured here every MONDAY [drum roll, please]... the Ruthi's breathingSpace: The Blog Series.

Yup, it's now official! We are hosting a New Blog Series here in my TOOL BOX and hoping that you will find it as interesting as my other ones... Letters to Hubby, my AMERICA, and Maine Attraction.

This blog series aims to put bits and pieces of Ruthi's breathingSpace website which was shattered by "auto-renew" fate. LOL. The RBS will still exist as an entirely separate and independent website own and manage by the same Author [a.k.a. Yours Truly] but is now free hosted by blogspot.

RBS: The Blog Series will only publish 2 [for now] different sub-blog series namely My Philippines and It's-A-Craft. Proper identification of the said sub-blog series will be determined by the LOGO it bears at the end of the post.

So yes, I am moving on because... everybody needs a space and a breather because life is too short not to blog.


This POST is a special write-up for Ruthi's breathingSpace: The Blog Series
which is published every MONDAY.

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