Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend Fixes

The weekend is a busy day for working wives like me. We only had 3 and half school days because Thursday was an early released day at the school where I work. And the following day was "the in-service training day" for the teachers. However, I still had to work because I have a second job. So no long weekend vacation for me. hayyy!

I thought I will be lucky to take the Friday off but with 55 kids signed up for the full-day care at Sanford, I had to drive 30 miles to go to work. Hayyy. I was hoping to have the Friday off so I will be able to do my regular chores and take Saturday as a special day to do the bathroom floor tiles. Well, help Hubby to fix the bathroom floor tiles, rather. wink**

Heavy traffic during rush hours to use the most popular spot in the house is starting to take a toll on the bathroom floor tiles. If it is any consolation to me, it's knowing where to get quality and reasonable ceramic tiles and yes, having a carpenter hubby to boot. So today, we did the bathroom flooring and it didn't take us long to fix it. Now I am ready to go for a run. wink*


Zenserly said...

wish I could run with you sistah! hey the hubby and I walked to the market today, I was challenging him we should run instead hahaha, and I wish Kulas knew better about carpentry work, he does...not an expert though and he receives a lot of critiquing from me haha, love yah!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh the bathroom...bring back bad memories of hiring a company to fix the two in our house. They messed it up pretty bad, but they didn't have e and o insurance to cover their screw up so we got them to give us some of our money back. love your blog btw!