Saturday, September 22, 2012

The perils of the changing season

It's the first day of Fall. A new season... a new change... a whole new old thing to start over again... like reorganizing my wardrobe, drawers, and turn the house upside down.

Oh yeah, it's the time of the year where I need to pack my summer clothes in my summer totes and bring out the fall totes to put the fall clothes into the newly emptied wardrobe. It's a whole new old activities that I need to deal with for a couple of weeks or so to keep my sanity in check.

This is the time of the year where I need to reorganize my old stuff and put into used the not too old ones to save more money and stay sane.

It's time again for fall cleaning to give way to the forthcoming winter mess!

And yes, there is no other way to keep yourself from going nuts but to keep yourself busy with more household chores. ARGGGGG!

Well, there is nothing I can do. If there is an app to change the craziness that the changing season brings - bring it on. As for now, the only things that this change of season brings to my worn-out senses are...

the beautiful sceneries...

the crisp smell of the orchards...

and hot apple ciders. weeeee!

Fall is here so let's stay warm and cozy. Hope that this will be a better one than the last year. wink*


Zenserly said...

beautiful photos as always sistah...enjoy the season with your Mikey :-)

betchai said...

echoing Zen, Ruthi, beautiful photos. hope this year's fall will be better one for you and your one and only Mikey :)