Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Inspiration

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

I just love when inspiration sneaks up on me from out of nowhere. Now that spring is in the air I was ready to clean out the closets in our home and purge all the items we simply did not use anymore. My beautiful collection of great clothes and accessories inspired me to find a local consignment to give them new life for someone else. After my fifth bin of items I realized I was certainly on a roll and I had the thought: How else could I make a positive change in our home? I moved from the children’s closets to every closet in the house. It felt so wonderful having all those unnecessary items out of the home. I knew I was certainly on a roll when inspiration struck again as I was opening the mail. I came to the electric bill and wondered if my company was the most competitive out there. I took the time to contact New York Energy Rates and got loads of information on providers in my area of New York. I was so surprised by all that I learned and to think, it all started with cleaning out the closet.

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Grüezi! said...

Hello Amiga, just dropping by to say hi and happy spring cleaning! :-D