Saturday, March 17, 2012

Renting a Vacation Home

Spring is coming and in no time summer will be at our doorstep. This is the best time to plan for our next summer getaway. With the economy still at its toughest we need to plan ahead and plan wise. Well, not because the economy is tight it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to just stay home and work, work, work. We need to have some fun too to recharge our tired body. As the saying goes – all work and no play makes Ruthi crazy. Yeah, there is no saying like that. I am just being silly and maybe trying to justify that I do need a vacation. So around this time of the year I am getting my fingers busy browsing at because this year, we will just be vacationing somewhere close to home.

Why not? Home is where your heart is. And I can’t go too far this year because of economic reason. But I don’t really need to justify anything, do I? I do need a vacation because I deserve it. And this year, I will just go somewhere really close to home and not too close to feel that I am home. I am thinking of Canada. I am thinking of Alberta. And I am thinking of Edmonton. Why not, it’s one of the best places to explore in our backyard. Yes, Canada is just in our backyard and that makes it easier to go to. And it will surely save us a lot of money if we will just rent a vacation house instead of staying in the hotel.

But for those of you who are thinking of moving to Canada… check out Rent Edmonton and you will surely find the best place to live in.

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