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Can't get enough. Can't have enough. Enormous obsession to money can buy one more trouble than happiness.

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Enjoying summertime without thinking about the Big Bs

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh summer, who doesn’t love summertime? The sea, the sand and the sun – what a perfect combination, I couldn’t ask for more. This summer vacation I opted not to work. Yes, I am officially a bum. And being unemployed has its advantages and disadvantages. To be able to look forward on weekend’s road trip, camping and gold panning without worrying we have to hurry back home for the next day’s work is awesome. But going on a tight budget to be able to pay bills is not. Hahaha. So we have to make a wise decision and sacrifice on some essential stuff to make our summer awesome.

Summertime calls for the big “Bbills, budget, and bargain. That is why I have decided to switch my phone with Tracfone because it’s the least expensive way to stay in touch here in America. It’s easy to own. There is no contract that you need to deal with like with other big phone companies. No credit checks w…

What really happened on our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Ok, I had to admit, that Wedding Anniversary thingy didn't happen. Even the part where we supposed to be watching CSI, romantically [whatever that means].
No, you wouldn't guess why. You cannot imagine why, a Wedding Anniversary would turn out to be a disaster. Well, I will not make you guess no more. There are varied reasons and there are two-fold reasons to the "reasons".
The two-fold reasons: His reasons: 1. He worked long hours. 2. He went straight to his friend's house to give the payment for the sluice that he had ordered custom-made. 3. He didn't have the time to buy me gift or flowers because of the 2 reasons above.
My reasons: 1. I was PMS-ing so I didn't listen to reasons. 2. I was pre-menopausing so I didn't have the ability to listen to any reasons. 3. All of the above.
Downside of the story: His side: He saved money on gift and dining out. My side: I didn't get the chance to get new Pandora Charms. hayyy [Yes, he tried to hand me out a booklet of…

You're still the one!

Today, I woke up early and just laid in bed watching my sweetest while he was still in dreamland. It has been awhile since I last did it.
School is already over and now I have more time to stay in bed. I don't need to hurry up to go to work because I am now a certified bum [LOL]. And as I lay tracing his face with my fingers so carefully not wanting to wake him up... memories of some 4 years ago came flashing back.
Yes, four years ago... on this exact day... we said "I do". Yes, today is our 4th Wedding Anniversary. It has been fours years now and I can't believe that we are still together. Not that I wish otherwise, it's just that after all the ups and downs and all the things that we have been through, I can't believe that we still have the strength to hold on and not give up.
Well, we are just typical couples with typical problems like everybody else. We are ordinary people with ordinary trials and hurdles but we were able to conquer them in our extra-ordinar…