Thursday, July 14, 2011

What really happened on our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Ok, I had to admit, that Wedding Anniversary thingy didn't happen. Even the part where we supposed to be watching CSI, romantically [whatever that means].

No, you wouldn't guess why. You cannot imagine why, a Wedding Anniversary would turn out to be a disaster. Well, I will not make you guess no more. There are varied reasons and there are two-fold reasons to the "reasons".

The two-fold reasons:
His reasons:
1. He worked long hours.
2. He went straight to his friend's house to give the payment for the sluice that he had ordered custom-made.
3. He didn't have the time to buy me gift or flowers because of the 2 reasons above.

My reasons:
1. I was PMS-ing so I didn't listen to reasons.
2. I was pre-menopausing so I didn't have the ability to listen to any reasons.
3. All of the above.

Downside of the story:
His side: He saved money on gift and dining out.
My side: I didn't get the chance to get new Pandora Charms. hayyy [Yes, he tried to hand me out a booklet of the entire Pandora Charms inventory for me to choose what I want but I was so mad I didn't even look at it. I didn't even realize he had that booklet or shall I say Pandora Bible].

Oh well, there will be a 5th so I'll make it up then. hahaha

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