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The Gift of Independence

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 I have a new passion… running. It all started with a walk… the Mary’s Walk, which is a fundraising for Maine Cancer Research. Since then I became inspired to run. I am now training for my 2nd 5k and hopefully I will be able to do a full marathon.

I am so lucky that I can walk, much more… that I can run. It must have been disheartening for all those who are physically challenged and wheel-chair bound to just even go around their own backyard, so I thought. But during my very first 5k race, I was humbled by one of the race participants. He crossed the finish line 10 minutes ahead of me. He was wheel-chaired bound but you cannot see in his face that his disability is a big obstacle in achieving his goal. I was amazed at how he crossed the finish line with total confidence.

After the race he was assisted by another guy to his specially-made vehicle and his specially-made-for-races wheel…

This Time of the Year

I feel a little edgy lately. I can't help it. It was around this time of the year when I miscarried.
It has been 3 years already and I'm still not over it. I still grieve. I still cry every now and then especially when I hear stories about miscarriages. Though, I became a mom for a brief moment, it was such a wonderful moment in my life.

Three years have passed, but I still feel the pain of losing my precious little one. 
But I try move on though I still grieve, it doesn't necessarily mean that I am hopeless.
And I try to be happy though I still cry, it doesn't always mean that I am lonely.
Then, I try to be free though I still feel pain, it doesn't really mean that I have given up.
One day, I will let this time of the year pass by... celebrating the joy of acceptance.

B.A.S: Blogging Anemia Syndrome

My Bad!
I have not written anything here for a long time. I have no alibi. I am plain lazy!
I am working only part-time and have more free time everyday and yet, I can’t convince myself to write anything lately. Having 6 blogs finally took a toll on me. I do write every now and then, and that is because I am writing paid posts for 3 blogs [this, my breathing space and hubby's blog where I am a ghost writer. lol] I need extra income, you know. But still I am not doing a-ok on that department either, unlike when I was still a stay-at-home wife where I could write 10 to 12 post a day on PPP and 1 post for each non-PPP blog.
While my other 3 blogs are suffering from blogging anemia [together with my newest baby except for the photoblog which I share with my brothers Japol and Gary - thank God!], commenting and blog hopping to other bloggers' websites seemed to be unacceptable, as well . 
This thing or shall I say… phase… is not entirely new to me. I have been there a lot of times and …