Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Walk to Remember... Mary

It was a little warm [41 degrees - that's warm here in Maine] and a cloudy morning. I left the house a little past 8 and reached Saco [an 18 miles drive from where I live] at around 9. I saw the sign "Mary's Walk Parking" and turned right to find an empty parking lot. "Am I lost? or just too early?"... I asked myself.
I was early. Good thing. I had time to take photos. What's the occasion? It's the 13th Annual Mary's Walk and Kerrymen Pub 5k, a fundraising event for Maine based cancer research. And yes, I joined it. I was actually planning to join the 5k Run but I chickened out.
I thought I wasn't ready so I opted for the "walk" just to experience it and have the feel of it. Eventually, when people stated coming and seeing those runners, I started to get jealous. Well... there is always a next time, right?
And so I walked with the rest of the hundred supporters and had fun walking. 
It was only a 2.5 miles walk along Saco Main St. I joined the RSU #57 school district under Team Orr, which is dedicated to Sandy Orr, a former Waterboro Elementary School [the Y Kids' Out Program Site where I work] secretary who lost her battle to cancer early this year.
Apparently, Team Orr is the biggest team that joined this year's fundraising event with over 120 supporters who signed up and raised over $4,000.
It was cloudy, a little chilly and with a little shower every now and then, but the walk was fun especially that I met a lot of people and walked with people who care.
I walked with dogs...

I walked with kids
and babies in strollers...

 And I walked with faith... that next time I will not just walk... but run!

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Self Sagacity said...

Nice action shots of the event. It looks cold.

Lamielle here! said...

You still did a great job amiga. I wish I could do the same. lol Nice photos and looks like a beautiful weather. :-)