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I Got Spooked!

So it's Halloween. And what do people here in Maine do on Halloween?

We go for a ride around town searching for Haunted Houses. [Well, at least for me and my friend we only look around but never get inside.]

We enjoy the foliage. [Oh yeah, we love the colors of our sceneries.]

We love to dress up. [Of course, we want to have fun.]

We get spooked... big time!

Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you got spooked and had fun. And oh yeah... I forgot... we sometimes get surprises like this too!

Apple Festival and my Alibis

Well, I am guessing that for those of you who frequented this blog... you already know that I work on weekends now and been really busy. I also assumed that you already noticed that I have not been posting as often as I used to except for some blogging happine$$$ for reasons we all bloggers know. wink* And that, I have been bad in commenting and blog hopping/visiting other bloggers' blogs who faithfully come here to leave me a message. I'M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT. I WILL CATCH UP, FRIENDS... JUST BEAR WITH ME. And so this post is about something I did one weekend which happened some few weekends back. I had it on file but forgot all about it. So I am posting it now before it really rots good. Fall is in full blast here in Maine. And as I have posted several times across my not-too-many blogs... I went to the Apple Orchards for apple picking and apple cider donuts and hot mulled apple cider breakfasting. But "My Bad" I forgot to tell you about the Apple Festival in Corn…

Foliage in New England

New England is exploding in splash of color. And there is nothing comparable to the sceneries that keep on changing every time you blink. The lush green New England mountains turned into colorful canvas of breathtaking masterpiece. The crisp cool New England breeze brought shiver up to my spine. Yet the warmth of the New England sun helped my cheeks beaming. And so, as I drove home to work last weekend... I decided to stop at the scenic view... and be awed by the New England foliage. And so... it was such an ordinary weekend but extra-ordinarily awesome!

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A Day in a Farm

Yesterday, I met with a girl friend. It was a nice sunny day though a little breezy. We originally planned to have a little picnic by the lake but we ended up having a lunch in the farm.
The farm is in New Hampshire and it also serves as a Museum.

My girl friend toured me around the farm which is her favorite place of refuge.

The place is awesome and breathtaking.

And we got a chance to say hello to some of the residents too. Thanks Leigh for bringing me to the farm. It was such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I really enjoyed it.

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Generic Formula... anyone?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.
I was googling something in the internet a while ago when I stumbled upon this news about Similac recall. Apparently, it was found out that the infant formula may contain beetles or their larvae. Ewww… I can’t imagine myself feeding my baby milk with beetle or its larvae in it. Can you? Well, glad that I am not a mom so I don’t have to worry about it. But I have a baby niece and friends’ babies who are so dear to me so I am really worried too.
So I googled some more and found out that there is such thing as generic formula too. And knowing "generic", I know it is much cheaper than branded formula. I believe buying this infant formula is more practical than buying the branded ones which are basically the same in terms of benefits that they provide. Besides, according to Dr. Barbara Levine of Weill Cornell Medical College, “all formulas are subject to the same regulations governing manu…

Lost and Found

Yesterday, I brought my client to the Fryeburg Fair. It was a nice day and we had fun. On our way home, we took a different route to avoid heavy traffic. We got lost and ended up in another state.. in New Hampshire. Good thing I had my Tomtom with me so we easily found our way back to Maine. Yes, we got lost... and this is what we found.