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Generic Formula... anyone?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was googling something in the internet a while ago when I stumbled upon this news about Similac recall. Apparently, it was found out that the infant formula may contain beetles or their larvae. Ewww… I can’t imagine myself feeding my baby milk with beetle or its larvae in it. Can you? Well, glad that I am not a mom so I don’t have to worry about it. But I have a baby niece and friends’ babies who are so dear to me so I am really worried too.

So I googled some more and found out that there is such thing as generic formula too. And knowing "generic", I know it is much cheaper than branded formula. I believe buying this infant formula is more practical than buying the branded ones which are basically the same in terms of benefits that they provide. Besides, according to Dr. Barbara Levine of Weill Cornell Medical College, “all formulas are subject to the same regulations governing manufacturing and ingredients as stipulated by the Infant Formula Act.” If this is so, the only difference between the branded and the store brand formula is… the price.

The good news is you can find a lot of generic infant formulas from your local store. Take for example Parent’s Choice which you can buy from Walmart. Like any other formula, Parent’s Choice baby formula is nutritionally complete and it meets the nutritional guidelines determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so you can be confident that your baby gets the health benefits that he gets from its more expensive counterpart. And more importantly, you can save as much as $600 a year if you switch to generic formula.

Here is some additional information on Parent’s Choice Infant Formula that you might find interesting.

Moms have found premium quality Parent’s Choice Infant Formulas in-store. Now they can find Parent’s Choice formulas on-line, ready-to-ship to home!
- Case sizes only (4 or 6 units)
- Powder and ready-to-feed formulas available
- No additional charge for ship to home
- Easy to find on’s Baby Center

Parent’s Choice Formulas:
- Meet all FDA nutritional standards, like the national brands
- Offer complete nutrition for babies 0 – 12 mo.
- Are available in a range of formulas to address common feeding issues

So if you love your baby and you want the best for your child, maybe it is time to switch to generic formula and save money as well.

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Cee said…
That Similac. That is what my sister fed my niece before. OMG! Beetle on milk? Good thing, both of my girls were fully breastfed. And I would still do if ever I decide to have my 3rd child.

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