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My Not-so-handy Handyman and my new craft room

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.
Yes, as my blog title suggests… I am indeed a Carpenter’s Wife. Then, you might think that I am lucky for having a handy man under my wings. That I have someone to do all kinds of home repairs at my beck and call. Well, think again [LOL] because sometimes, it will take a little longer than expected to ask my handyman to do things around his own house. It will take a lot of motivation to make him do things for me. And worse, it will take a real “blackmail” to make him do things quick and fast. Why, because he doesn’t get paid to do carpentry job in his own home. Hahahahaha I'm just kidding. You know... Men!
Anyway, so I needed to paint my craft room. It’s not an urgent task but as usual, he would procrastinate because I can’t think of anything to blackmail him with. But he did suggest that I go to Home Depot and ask the sale associate about Glidden paint. It’s what he uses at his job site.
And …

Some Weekend

So we did go camping and gold panning again. I still don’t know if we found some gold nuggets because we only dredged and brought back the concentrate. Hubby will surely pan the concentrate any day this week.
We went in the same place. We stayed in the same campsite. And we dredged in the same spot. Having spent almost all our summer every year in this place, it almost feel like home already.

I know the place quite well now.

I’m not scared anymore to go down and up the steep hill with bucket and sluice in my hands.

I’m already familiar with the rocks and know which ones are not steady to step on when crossing the river.

I’m used to being greeted with some pleasant critters and being bugged by some unpleasant ones.
[This little one is checking out my cooler and stayed there the whole time while I was cooking our lunch.]
And for three days… I answered the call of nature at Mother Nature's. Hehehehe
[Well, where else would you do it? And how else would you do it? With a grand view like thi…

For That Special Guy in your Life Only

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Voctorinox Swiss Army. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s almost Father’s Day. I am not really too crazy about the occasion because my dad is long gone. I miss him so much. He was my greatest fan and my best critic. He was my trusted friend and my worse competition. He was my confidante and my strict guardian. I really miss him so much.
If he was alive I will not find it hard to buy him a gift this Father’s Day. He is a watch collector so definitely I would buy him a Victorinox Swiss Army. It is the only kind of gift that I know he would appreciate and cherish just like the ones he got in his collection. He would never get tired of them.
But since I he is no longer around to appreciate such gift… it’s about time that I introduce Hubby to this one of a kind timepiece. That is why this Father’s Day I am giving him one. Shhhhhh… it’s still a secret. He doesn’t have to know about that now.
For more interesting information about Victorinox…

Can you?

Hmmmmm... can you hear the bird chirping? Can you feel the cool water of the river under your toes? Can you see in your mind the lush green sceneries of tall trees? I can!

I can hear, feel and see in my mind the camping ground and the river where we dredge dirt. And yes, Hubby and I will go camping and gold panning again soon. And it will surely be a big challenge again.

And by the way... did I mention that we did find gold nugget... a very tiny one and some specks. wink*

I will post the photo next time.

Confession of a Pizza Convert

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am not a pizza person. I don’t know why, but I am just not too crazy about pizza. In fact I can live without pizza. Hubby finds it weird because he is a pizza lover. Well, he thought that everybody loves pizza until he met me. hahahaha
But in fairness, pizza is always my saving glory. It always saves my dinner. When I come home late from work, pizza is the first thing in my mind to serve for supper. When I am busy doing a lot of things or chores on a weekend and have no time to make supper, pizza is the way to go. And when a friend pays a surprise visit, pizza is an express meal over chitchat.
Anyway, yes I am really not a pizza person. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I hate it. It’s just that if I have a choice I will not choose it. But, when I was doing my routine grocery shopping last weekend, I found this Freschetta FlatBread in the freezer section. I bought one box because Hubby and I plan…

Reward Yourself

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did technology already conquer the world? Are you high-tech in more ways than one? Can you still live without technology? Is your day complete without facebooking or twitting? Do you use technology to make money or earn extra income? Can you live without internet and mobile phone?
I had to admit there are lots of advantages that we can get from technology. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to me [sort of]. LOL. Well, I had to admit too that I use it to monetize. Since I learned how to blog and make descent income out of blogging through some social media network like Izea, the internet is the best monetizing niche that can help a lot of people make both ends meet especially in this tough economic situation.
And now, you can make extra income through your mobile phone. Yup, this is another great possibility through This is a kind of social media network using mobile incentive p…

Hubby and Procrastination

And so we went gold panning up north. It was my birthday gift to Hubby... along with a new set of golf clubs [hoping that he would use it one of these days].

You see, I am not really too crazy about camping and gold panning since I prefer Hotel camping. wink* But since it was his birthday I want to make him happy because I know how much it means to him. And so I suggested two weeks before that Memorial weekend to make the necessary arrangement for the trip up north.
And guess what, as usual, he waited the last minute to do what he has to do. We almost did not make it because his truck which sticker  will expire on the last day of the month [which will be the day we are coming back from camping] encountered some problems. He had his windshield changed so his sticker was removed. When he brought the truck to be inspected he had to change his tires and a bunch of other things. So we went without a car sticker on. He wasn't able to call the campsite for the reservation so we went up wit…

Make your Road Trip a Breeze

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine.
Time flies so quickly. And I am on a countdown. School will be over soon so it means that summer is just around the corner. It felt like summer already and we are taking advantage of the nice warm weather whenever possible. Just last Memorial weekend Hubby and I spent the long weekend up north camping. It was indeed nice to be out-of-town once in a while. Our brief vacation was almost perfect if only we knew where we were going.
Well, we were very confident when we left. I always have a check list for everything so I thought everything will be alright. We got the reservation of the campsite online and we programmed the direction on our GPS. And guess what. We got lost. We almost ran out of gas because we cannot find the nearest gas station. We cannot locate the closest restaurant to eat. And we spent the whole day in the car running around in circle instead of already relaxing at the campsite having…