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Happy Birthday My Sweetest

Today is my Hubby's birthday. We spent his birthday out-of-town camping and gold panning. It was a long weekend and spending it up north without access to internet and cellphone made it more exciting if not challenging.
We spent long hours in the river gold panning. It was one of those moments where "patience" was put to test. Hubby was so patient with his hobby. He spent 8 hours dredging underwater. And I spend 8 hours too... waiting, picking rocks from the sluice, and taking photos every now and then. It was tiring but I already psyche myself up that it's Hubby's birthday so I need to be nice.
Dearest Sweetest,
Happy Birthday. Hope you had a wonderful time camping and gold panning with me.It was not the first time we spent time together on a weekend out-of-town. It was not the first time we spent time together doing what you love to do. And it was not the first time that we really had fun together.It has been 3 years already since we started doing things together.…

Viva Las Vegas

My parents-in-law love Las Vegas. They spend a couple of week’s vacation in Las Vegas almost twice a year. This year, they stayed longer… almost a month. They just love the weather there and the lights and the sound, especially the sound of the slot machines ringing. “They are just music to our ear”… they said. Hahahaha
This year, I was trying to convince dear Hubby to try Viva Las Vegas for our Wedding Anniversary getaway. He is a very quiet person and he loves nature. That is why he is more into hunting, fishing and gold panning. But I love the city, the lights, the sound, and the shopping, of course. I just don’t know how I can convince him so I can cruise the city in style. Oh how I wish I could go around the city in a Las Vegas Limousine.
I want to ride one of those Las Vegas Limousines or maybe try the Exotic Limo Las Vegas that I see in one of those travel shows on TV. I think they are just gorgeous.
I don’t know. I just love to try the good life of the rich and famous. Hahahaha I…

I was once a Mom... for a brief moment

It's Mother's Day again. This is the day when I can't help but feel touchy. I can't help but feel too sensitive about a lot of things. And I can't help it if I feel like crying.
Though I have made the decision not too long ago not to have a child no more... I still feel that empty hallow feeling at the pit of my stomach every time this special day come. But trust me, the feeling passes by so quickly as that special day does.
No... don't feel bad for me. My decision to remain childless is final, unless otherwise God has other plans for me. Don't pity me. I am all set with being childless and I don't feel bad about it. Don't judge me. It is the best decision I made for myself and I don't regret it.
Yes... I love children but having one is not for me. I love children... but maybe  I am not meant to be a mother. I love the child that I once had and it will remain in my heart forever.
I am 45 year old... and though I am still capable of bearing a child..…

the lake, the rain and the chores

It's another weekend. It's another soggy weekend. And so, it's another weekend blue for me. Hubby is out in the lake today... fishing. And I am not really very impressed to be honest with you.

First of all... it is raining. I don't want to think of the worse case scenario... but anything can happen... in the lake... when it is raining... and when the water is freezing cold.

Second of all... he may be having a beer or two with his buddy. I don't want to think of the possible think that can happen... but anything can really happen... when one is tipsy or drunk... when friends are having fun... and when they are out in the lake.

And third of all... I am here alone. I don't want to state the obvious... but it isn't fun when you are at home... when the laundry is piled up... when the bedroom is a mess... and you have tons of backlog to blog.

A Yay! Yay! Yay!