Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Favorite Season: Yard Sale

One of the most important activities that I enjoy during summertime in Maine is shopping. Well, shopping for a true-blooded shopaholic is an all-year-round activity and perhaps a whole-year-round season, of course. But for me who is a former shopaholic convert I only always look forward for summertime yard sale because I can get a lot of value for my dollars.

I enjoy “treasure hunt game” when I was a kid and now that I am a grown-up I apply that skill I learned from childhood in my yard sale hopping and shopping spree. I love to challenge myself with my sense of creativity to convert or transform old things into something new and useful. I love the feeling of victory when I can find things under the rubble of piles upon piles of old stuff. I love the feeling of triumph when I stumble on some really new things that owners didn’t have the chance to use because they didn’t actually realize they have them until it’s time to dispose them. And most importantly, I love yard sale because I don’t feel guilty spending my money on my splurges because stuffs are really cheap. I don’t have to worry if they accept credit card because I don’t need to swipe it, in the first place.

So summer is almost over in Maine. It’s also about time for cleaning-up-the-mess season too. And during this time of summer, I go “gaga” over yard… garage… or barn sales that I can find all over the place. And last weekend, my friend and I went around town yard, garage, barn [not necessarily in that order] sale hopping the whole day and ended up with lots of stuff that added up to my accumulated earthly possessions.

Porcelain cup and saucer = $1.25

Porcelain picture frame = $1

Liz Claiborne wallet and check book case = $2.10  

Satin and beads picture frame = 75cents

Brand new 3-inch shoes = $5
Fun that me and my friend had = PRICELESS!

As my Hubby will always say – somebody’s junk is someone else’s treasure. And for me, I found some treasures in somebody else’s junk, so to speak. But on the hindsight… after checking all the stuff I brought home and admiring them for awhile… I was thinking maybe next year… it’s my turn to stage my own yard sale because I did accumulate a lot of stuff that I don’t actually use. It could be more useful to other people. Perhaps it’s my junks’ turn to become somebody else’s treasure. What do you think?


Ginny Hartzler said...

You got a lot of cool stuff on this trip that would have all added up to a fortune if bought new. Those pictures frames are very expensive! The cup and saucer are very unique, What will you do wuth them? Maybe a planter? African Violets would look very pretty in it, or ivy.

Tes said...

Are you kidding, girl??? Those are a steal! You're good..but of course, you have the secret weapon: good taste! Hahaha. Happy hunting, gf! Mwa!

Anonymous said...

good points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Norman