Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do You Need a Personal Assistant?

I am freaking out. What do you expect? Aside from the changing season that has a great impact on my mood and personal effects… another season that really affects me beyond reasonable doubt is “tax season”. Well, as a Financial Manager slash Budget Analyst slash Household Custodian slash Hubby’s Sounding-board; I have the toughest job ever in making sure that my family’s needs are met and well-taken care of. But in this present economic situation, no matter how one plans for everything, it is still hard to make both ends meet especially if the earning is not enough and expenses are too much.

In this present economy, housewives need to be equipped with essential knowledge on home energy saving tips and how they can use this knowledge to run their household to their advantage. They need to know if there are basic tools or equipment available for them that they can use like home appliances that will make their job easier.

Good thing there is indeed a tool that we can use to help us in our struggle. We have a personal assistant, if I may call it… that can help us run our household more efficiently and effectively. Yes, I hired a PA for FREE [wink*] and its job is to make sure that my house is running smoothly. I call my PA – Microsoft Hohm.

Yes, it’s a website where you can learn how you can reduce your home energy usage and start saving today. Energy saving tips, home energy reports and energy-saving recommendations are provided that are tailored to your home so you can have the peace of mind that you deserve and worry about something else like… who’s going to bring the kids to soccer games? Oh I love this website. It gives me regular email updates and so I am always on the loop when it comes to savings and keeping our planet clean.

So housewives… what are you waiting for? Sign up with Hohm for FREE and let your PA do the job while you concentrate on planning for the next family trip because you are not worried anymore where to get the money to spend for that dream vacation.

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Lamielle here! said...

Alam mo friend, very lucky talaga hubby mo sayo. I mean, I think your very helpful with your hubby. Lahat iniisip mo. How I wish I am like you.(nanliliit tuloy ako sa sarili ko)hehehe. Ako kc puro gastos & enjoyment lang ang alam.♥ turuan mo ako Amiga :)