Friday, August 21, 2009

Pet Sitting Business... anyone?

I work as a camp counselor right now. This is my first time to experience summer camp and I love/hate it. Summer camp is both fun and tiring. Working with kids is both exciting and exhausting. And my work as a camp counselor is both challenging and draining.

I wish I could do something else. Sure, it is fun to be with kids but if you have to work with 20 kids all at the same time, it is indeed mind-boggling. I did wish that I would work with animals... dogs in particular... because they are adorable and I love dogs. Working with dogs is both therapeutic and relaxing. But there is no summer camp for dogs... SO I THOUGHT.

And then I stumble upon this and found out that it is possible to work with dogs in a somewhat "summer camp" set-up. I checked it out and it is really cool.

So if you are like me who love dogs... and would like to put up your own Pet Sitting Business, this is the right way to do it. You can check out Camp Bow Wow and find out how you can start your own Doggy Day and Overnight Camp and help dog owners to have their peace of mind every time they need to be out-of-town on business trip or families who needs to be on vacation and couldn't bring their loved pets.

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