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Merry Christmas

From a cold place to a warm heart. Merry Christmas to all from the Carpenter's household.

The Crazy Little Thing I did Last Weekend

Life here in New England has been a little crazy lately. Well, for the most part of it and I am speaking for myself only, by the way. The weather has nothing to do with it and please don't even dare to say the "S" word. Not yet. I am not yet ready. Craziness has something to do with the Craft Fair that I finally joined recently. Yes, this is another new thing for me. Last Spring, I discovered that I can do cool stuff with play dough. I was just playing with some kids during the April school vacation when I found myself not only trying to get my kids involved and engaged in artistic activities but found myself a new passion. Next thing I knew, I was at Michael's, A.C. Moore and Jo Ann's buying all the tools and materials for polymer clay art making. I spent the whole summer molding and making clay arts. That is when I was not running and training for my 5Ks. When summer vacation was over, I realized that I overdid it. I was too overwhelmed with my new-found passion …