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Diamonds... are indeed a girl's bff

It was the night before Christmas, the temperature was below freezing and my hubby had just done sneaking the gifts under the tree. I just had my phone conversation with my brother who is in China and that moment hanged a little longer even after we already said goodbye. I felt terrible.

Being homesick is an exaggeration if I say that I felt that way. Maybe it was just the huge cup of hot cocoa with tons of miniature marshmallows that really made feel bad or the Christmas movie Santa Claus 2 that I was watching on TV. Whatever the reason was, I cried like a baby… sobbing, weeping and lamenting like there is no tomorrow. I was robbed-off of poise and dignity but who cares? I was feeling so nostalgic.

And so it was the night before Christmas and I was crying and my hubby was sympathetic. My hubby, my knight in shining armor hugged me so tight but it didn’t stop me from crying. He didn’t know what to do and I can feel and smell his fear. He went out of the room and came back with a small …