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MAINe Event: Part 1

Will you marry me? Is it a perfect interrogative statement? Or is it just an inquiry? A simple question and yet it is over-rated, over-used, and over-valued. Well, what do you expect? We live in a world where one's personal achievement in life is weighed by relationship and its uphill-downhill sequels. We live in a world where some people still believe in fairytales just to avert the painful reality of the cruel one. We live in a world where some girls would make-believe that they are princesses waiting for their knights in shining armor ready to be swept off their feet. We live in a world where a lot of people hope to live happily... ever... after. And we live in a world where fantasy is so much better than reality. I lived there too. I believed in fairy tale. I believed that I was once a princess waiting all my life for my knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet. I still believe in the perceived happy-ever-after kind of ending. And I lived in fantasy longer than I can r…

MAINe Event: Part 2

The huge pale blue canopy of the cloudless bright sky is a picture of endless promises. It was a perfect setting for the wedding of the century. Traffic was perfectly smooth in both sides of the road and motorists were clueless how important that day was. The maple and pine trees in the gentle hills seemed to be conspiring to make that day a special one for they created a landscape so awesome that could make true-blooded painters weep. While the wild flowers in the meadows seemed to be aware of how significant the day was too for they were in full bloom and dressed in ravishingly gorgeous vibrant hue making any young teenage girl flushed in envy. The air was seasoned with the sweetest smell of freshly cut hay and had a calming and soothing effect on a vexed psyche. Meanwhile from a nearby ranch, a herd of grazing cattle stopped doing their business and paused to watch with admiration the passing bridal car as it cruised downhill while several chipmunks on the grassy sideway seemed to…

MAINe event: Part 3

As the day progressed into a celebration of love and commitment, the pictorials at Fort Williams Park concluded the ceremony. Back in the bridal car we headed back to our home for the second part of the event. The wedding reception was held at 278 Cape Road, town of Standish. The colossal maple tree in the backyard was the first one to greet us as we entered the driveway. It seemed to be rejoicing for our new beginning as husband and wife. The two blue canopies that mom bought from Wal-Mart stood side by side in the lawn and seemed to be waiting for the visitors to settle in. In no time, cars quickly filled the driveway and my new family and friends were gathered in our newly mowed yard. Mom, Heather, Stephanie and Aunt Sally busied themselves preparing the buffet table. We had two kinds of dish prepared that day, American and Filipino. The merging of the two cultures started in the park and ended at the buffet table. The chicken adobo, pork hamonado and the rice, plus the pansit and…

Panunuyo: American Version

Panunuyo is a Filipino tradition associated with courtship. There are lots of Filipino courtship traditions that are now neglected or taking a back seat in modern Pinoy romantic relationship. Gone are the days of the "harana" (serenade) because young couples nowadays have videoke to boost their relationship. But I am proud to say that I experienced "harana" when I was younger. I am not that old, okay. It was not that long ago actually. And it just so happened that in my province it was still being practiced "that" time. Anyway, I may be a Filipina at heart and a hopeless romantic that is why when I committed myself to this American guy, I had to convince myself that my being a hopeless romantic has to take back seat too.

When my Mike came to the Philippines to visit me, I was only hoping that he will like me and that the feeling will be mutual. I was just hoping that he would pop the question so that I could take the last train ride without looking back. A…

My Mike

I met him early this year... in a most unexpected place... in a most unconventional way... in a most unordinary manner... in a very significant moment... and in my mind... HE WAS JUST A GUY.

We talk a lot after that first meeting... everyday (except Sunday). One hour... then, one hour became one hour and a half... then, one hour and a half became two hours... and time flies so fast when we talked. But most of the time we dont talk at all. Most of the time we just look at each other... stare at each other... and we are satisfied. "Words are not enough...." as the song goes... and we both can relate well. BOY, COULD HE BE THE GUY?

And then he thought it was time to see each other. NWA was voted to fly him to my arms. Two months booking was not too exaggerated. It was well-thought of... it was well planned... it was too long! Then, the "waiting". We were both impatient yet apprehensive... we were both excited yet worried... we were both crazy! The waiting was so cruel. …

the way you look at me

He said they were hazel…
But I don’t believe what I see
I think they were green
Like the meadow bathe in morning dew

He said they were hazel…
But there were times
I think they were blue
Like the cloudless sky at early morning dawn

He said they were hazel
But now I get a bit confused
I think they’re neither green nor blue
Like the meadow or the sky at morning brew

He said they were hazel
But, what the heck!
I think I don’t care what color they are
As long as I see them when I wake up every morning of my life

(NOTE: This is the first poem I wrote for my Sweetest. I wrote this on October 13, 2006)


Everything starts from something. I started the day with a new hope today. And the day's routine knocked me down with a new spirit despite the familiarity of it. Washing my clothes [that were soaked the night before] at 5 in the morning is almost a habit now. I don't know about other people, but I do change a habit every now and then. And yes, there are times that I do develop new ones from time to time too. But no matter how I look at it, I still can't imagine myself picking up other people's habit.

It's been two months since he left. And I can't seem to get used to not having him around. (Another habit that I need to acquire, I believe so.) The emptiness he left seems to blow me off with bits and pieces of our memories together. But why do am I complaining now? I practically start and end the day with him, quite literally and otherwise. With all the wonders of modern technology... we were blessed with the amazing benefits of the internet... webcam and all. But…

the search is over

day and night
night and day
clock is ticking
soon... sooner... soonest...

the eagle will fly
the eagle will soar
the eagle will land
and then the longing

will soon be over
no more sleepless nights
no more extended days
no more empty bed

and I will be right here waiting for you...
My Sweetest

(NOTE: This poem was written October 6, 2006 for my Sweetest, the "love of my life")