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Californication Day 5 (Part 4): Sta. Monica concluded my Day 5 in CA

So we said goodbye to Rodeo Drive, Baby and went straight to Sta. Monica to complete our itinerary of the day. It was a fine sunny day and by this time, it was a little milder compared to the temp earlier.

Sta. Monica Beach is another must-see when you are in California. And at that time of the year I would not pass that rare opportunity just to be near the beach because back in Maine, it was freezing cold and snow-covered.

 The Pacific Pier is one of the attractions around here. This is a playground for kids and kids-at-heart alike.
 And since I was already there, I had to take a shot of the balloons just for the heck of it.
 And I was right on target. A little kitty stuffed toy was a cute reward for the little hard work.

Here are some useful links about Sta. Monica:
1. Visit Sta. Monica Pier
2. What to do in Sta. Monica Beach

This is one of my AMERICA Posts Series. A regular post dedicated to my HOME away from home.

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Californication Day 5 (Part 3): Rodeo Drive, Baby!

Oh yes, after we got observed or rather we observed the great Griffith Observatory... we drove to one of the famous destinations in California for celebrities like me [wink] - Beverly Hills. LOL
Me at @ Rodeo Drive
It's a tradition. Since when? I don't know. I just made it up, okay. Or maybe I was in my Pretty Woman mode at that time. Well, I remember something - when in Beverly Hills... Rodeo Drive, Baby! Yeah, it's a line in the movie. Or it was just one of my many alibis when I want to go shopping. LOL.
@ Via Rodeo stairs near Tiffany Store
But one thing is sure though. I got a driving force to see the hotel where Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Julia Roberts) fell in love. Why? Pretty Woman is my favorite movie of all time. It's not that I can relate to it... but who doesn't like modern day fairytale stories? So yes, I saw it and it felt pretty indeed.
Me in front of The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel
And since I was in my Pretty Woman moment I strutted and walke…

Californication Day 5 (Part 2): We got observed

The 3 most beautiful roses of the Pasadena Parade of the Roses decided to move on and ended up at the Griffith Observatory.
With Carmen and Joey at the grounds of Griffith Observatory.
One of the most famous landmark in Los Angeles, California... my visit in LA will not be complete without taking a look.
Admiring the Griffith Observatory up close and personal
And taking a look didn't mean just that. It took more than just looking and observing and posing. The observatory is huge. It sits on top of a hill over-looking downtown LA. The view from above is spectacular. And from this vantage point I was trying to locate my cousin's apartment. I failed. LOL
Looking down at Downtown Los Angeles from the Observatory.
The Observatory is quite intriguing to me since the first night of my visit to LA. It was the first thing I saw through my cousin's bedroom window when I opened my eyes in the morning and the last thing I saw when I closed my eyes at night... and the only thing that I us…

Californication Day 5 (Part 1): The 3 most beautiful Roses at Pasadena

I dreamed about the Rose Parade for as long as I can remember! I have watched it on TV every year when I was still in the Philippines. When I migrated here in the US, I promised myself that one day I will go see it in person. And in 2010 while I was watching the Pasadena Parade of the Rose on TV [just like every New Year's Day in the past] I told my Sweetest... "next year, I will watch that... for real!" And I did!
Yes, this is a long overdue post about that special event. Don't judge me! LOL. I was caught up with something... or I was plain lazy to follow through with this Californication Posts Series that I planned to do a couple of years back.
So after my TSS Mini Reunion in SD and New Year's Eve in LA where I had a traditional [sort of] Filipino Medya Noche with Carmen and Joey, the Pasadena Parade of the Roses finally took shape as we planned how to get there early without losing our senses.
Carmen, Joey and I left the house a little past five in the mornin…